Melbourne beats out Sydney with Smith Street named world’s coolest

Not all streets are made the same, but some streets can help define a city.

New York has Broadway, Edinburgh has Royal Miles, and Melbourne has Smith Street. This is the coolest street in the world. According to a new poll.

Entertainment and Culture Media Outlets time out Poll over 27,000 People all over the world Which street was the coolest?

Not surprisingly for those living near Fitzroy, Smith Street has gained the coveted number one spot to be the trendiest in the world.

The runner-up is Barcelona’s Passeig de Sant Joan, with London’s South Bank in third.

Fourth is San Isidro in Havana, with Los Angeles Sunset Boulevard closing the top five.

For beginners, Smith Street is famous for its lively bars, vintage shops, quier bars and some of the best restaurants in the city.

“It makes a lot of sense. Smith Street and Collingwood as a whole are very popular places to hang out in Melbourne.” time out I have written.

“Collingwood, a springboard for street gangsters in the 1800s, has a long, proud, checkered history of entrusting the middle finger to authority.

“Fitz Roy and Brunswick Street have been overshadowed for decades, but where the former is starting to feel a bit old, Smith Street is just getting better.”

This nevertheless Blockade of coronavirus Last year was over 100 days.

The only other Australian street that made a cool list was King Street, Newtown’s main drug in Sydney’s hip Inner West. This came in at number 19.

“It may not be the hub of dirty counterculture decades ago, but the gentle regeneration of Newton’s major arteries rarely undermined its indie credibility.” time out Said.

“If Bondi is a morning town, King Street is the place to meet after the Sydney cider gets dark.”

South Bank, London, UK, came in third. Photos: Chrispictures /

The second coolest street in the world is not Barcelona’s most famous city.

You may not have the name recognition that Las Ramblas has, but Passaig de San Joan is packed with his own punches. time outPoll.

Known as one of the best green corridors in the city. There are bicycle lanes, wide sidewalks and outdoor seating. Trendy and spacious.

Third, the list includes London’s South Bank. Technically not a street, it’s known for its Thamesside streets, bustling with people, attractions, and some of the world’s most iconic galleries and theaters.

The South Bank is home to London’s National Theater and Shakespeare’s Grove. What more do you want?

“Food markets, pop-ups and famous skateparks are all reasons to spend a day walking along the Thames.” time out Said.

The Coolest Street Top 30 in the World:

1. Melbourne, Smith Street

2. Passeig de Sant Joan, Barcelona

3. South Bank, London

4. San Isidro, Havana

5. Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles

6. Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam

7. Rua Três Rios, Sao Paulo

8. Haji Lane, Singapore

9. Rua Rodrigues de Faria, Lisbon

10. Calle Thames, Buenos Aires

11. Krizíkova Ulice, Prague

12. 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg

13. Former Shibuya River nomad

14. 30th Avenue in New York

15. Tel Aviv, Levinsky Street

16. Chicago, Milwaukee Avenue

17. Granvia, Madrid

18. Miami, Calle Ocho

19. Sydney, Newtown, King Street

20. Rua de Miguel Bombarda, Porto

21. Mexico City, Paseo de la Reforma

22. Cape Town, Kalk Bay, Main Road

23. Arselkar Avenue, Dubai

24. Rue Tiquetonne, Paris

25. Mariannenstrase, Berlin

26. Calle José Gálvez, Lima

27. Boston, Seaport Boulevard

28. Jaegers Borgade, Copenhagen

29. Allen Avenue, Lagos

30. Star Street, Hong Kong

Melbourne beats out Sydney with Smith Street named world’s coolest Source link Melbourne beats out Sydney with Smith Street named world’s coolest

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