Mel B appears in shocking domestic violence video to highlight abuse

Former Spice Girl Mel B appeared bloody and bruised in a new confrontational video aimed at highlighting the issue of domestic violence.

Former Spice Girl Mel B appeared to be hurt and bloody in a new confrontational video aimed at highlighting domestic violence in Britain.

The 45-year-old Spice Girl, who has been the subject of a decade of “terrorism” in an abusive marriage, Launched a music video to raise awareness called Love must not hurt..

Created in collaboration with Women’s Aid, this video was inspired by Mel’s conversation with survivors of domestic violence and the impact of the blockade on women living with abusive partners during a pandemic. ..

In England and Wales, an estimated 1.6 million women experienced domestic violence during the year to March 2020, with women aged 16 to 24 at greatest risk.

In the video, Mel is seen living a rich lifestyle in a beautiful home – behind the scenes she is being abused.

Acting in some brave way sees her wrestling, strangled and beaten on the ground.

She states: “I have a responsibility to make these situations as realistic as possible.

“I looked at all the emails I received from the woman who read my book and carefully selected the ones that would help me with my acting.

“Whether it’s spitting or strangulation, these are what actually happen. They’re not just my stories – they’re all stories of these women.

“The reason we came from making that video with bruises was because we wanted to be honest about what we all experienced.

“There is a bedroom scene where I am attacked. It was very important to make it a reality.”

Mel’s dramatic video release will take place just two weeks after the domestic violence bill was enacted with the royal assent.

For the first time, the law stipulates what domestic violence is, and its definition goes beyond physical violence to include emotional and sexual abuse, compulsory control, and economic abuse.

Children are also recognized as victims of domestic violence for the first time.

Mel welcomes the news. She now settles in her hometown of Leeds and enjoys family time with her mother Andrea and her girl.

In November 2018 she released her powerful memoirs Cruel honest, Detailed her life with convicted domestic abuser Stephen Bellafonte, 45.

She still endures the emotional trauma caused by the joint custody arrangement with Bellafonte. That is, she is away from her daughter Madison for months at a time.

She explained: “I have a child who was taken away by an abuser with the help of the legal system.

“I spend FaceTime on her every day, but that time may be shorter or it may not happen at all depending on what he is doing to me.

“I live in the aftermath of what happens when you leave someone who can still control you.”

Mel promises to help her daughters learn healthy relationships patterns.

She states: “What I can do is to love my children and make sure they treat them how they want to be treated.

“One of the things that is forbidden in my house is yelling. If someone wants to yell, they have to go for a walk or breathe.

“My family has been yelling for 10 years, so my kids are just able to talk. I’m also trying to teach them about their inner self-confidence.

“No one should check your phone or force you to talk. No one should control what you wear, how you act, or when you meet your friends. not.”

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the birth of the Spice Girls. Mel is reluctant to reveal a solid plan, but she says she wants to return to the road to commemorate this opportunity because the stage is always her “happy place.”

She added: Forever, armen. “

But lately, the loudest Spice Girls are turning her voice in a stronger direction than ever before.

She states: “I want to be a regular customer of Women’s Aid until I die. I’m always there with the flag up.

“It’s not just my experience, it’s listening to the voices of all the other women.

“There are still days when I close the door and jump, but I remembered that I didn’t live that life and learned coping skills.

“It’s easier to deal with pain and shame, but domestic violence cannot be completely eliminated.”

Mel B opens about new love

Mel B talks about the joy of finding love again with a man who is “unlike someone he’s ever dated.”

She states: “I honestly thought it would be impossible to have a romantic relationship again because of the overload of my past experience.

“I have been plagued by so many traumatic triggers that I haven’t been able to hug or touch for a good year.

“If someone gets too close to me, my hair will stand up in my daily life.

“But there is a way out of it. Someone very kind, understanding, and patient is needed to help you out of that unwanted cycle that you are afraid to return to.”

“You can have a loving and compassionate relationship. It takes a lot of time and a lot of trust.

“The person who enters it with you must understand how sensitive you are to your barriers.

“It’s really difficult for men, especially for men who have never abused women. Real men who wonder,” How can men do it for women? “

“For abused women, the foundation is completely destroyed, so it’s about building it. There are no ifs or buts about it.”

Mel is reluctant to identify new love in her life, but she describes him as “kind, very, very patient.”

Whoever the mysterious man is, he clearly makes her happy.

No more tired and worried women I met for the first time at a Leeds shelter two years ago. Became a patron of Women’s Aid in England..

Today, in Zoom, Mel looks shining and relaxed with sparkling eyes and a wide smile.

Overall, she looks more calm, smarter and more reflexive than ever before.

She claims that film producer Bellafonte, who kept her criminal record secret, began governing forced abuse on her wedding night in 2007 and continued her decade of “terrorism.”

She revealed that the couple seemed to enjoy the Hollywood lifestyle, but at home, Bellafonte exposed her to psychological abuse, ugly, female, fat, stupid, annoying, and of value. He claimed to have a no, drunk, poor brand.

In her book, she details how she lost her self-esteem when she was isolated from Leeds’ friends and family during her marriage.

A woman representing girl power was driven by self-medication with drinks and narcotics and attempted suicide the night before. X factor Final in 2014.

The couple has a daughter, Madison (9 years old). Mel also has a girl, Phoenix (22), from marriage to dancer Jimmy Gulzar, and an angel (14) with Eddie Murphy.

She began divorcing Bellafonte in 2018, with a $ 18 million battle in public in LA courts.

In August 2018, they reached a settlement with the withdrawal of alleged abuse.

The reason I’m talking about today is that Mel works with classical composer Fabio Dandrea. Launch an awareness-raising music video called Love must not hurt..

Created in collaboration with Women’s Aid, this video was inspired by Mel’s conversation with survivors of domestic violence and the impact of the blockade on women living with abusive partners during a pandemic. ..

This article was originally published Sun Reproduced with permission

Mel B appears in shocking domestic violence video to highlight abuse Source link Mel B appears in shocking domestic violence video to highlight abuse

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