Meghan Markle’s brother Thomas Markle Jr to appear on Big Brother VIP

Far-right commentator Katie Hopkins’s Big Brother reportedly signed up for Channel 7’s show after Megan Markle’s family ties shook his ax.

The Meghan Markle brothers are said to be the next surprise addition to Katie Hopkins’s rude and scandalous Big Brother VIP cast after his rude exit.

by New ideaThomas Markle Jr. was discovered at Sydney Airport less than a week after Hopkins was there. Ax from the next season of the Channel 7 show Deported for her actions in the hotel quarantine.

He may have received a “Critical Skills” visa to be admitted to Australia during the Covid pandemic. Maintain a strict seal.

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Given the The show will start shooting soon, Timing suggests that Markle was soon brought into exchange Far-right British media personalityMake sure he can complete his 14-day quarantine in time.

“”New idea Is said [Markle] It was discovered by many airport staff who couldn’t take a picture of themselves, “the publication reported.

Markle, 55, is a estranged half-brother of the Duchess of Sussex.

Megan and Thomas Jr. shared the same father, Thomas Markle, and lived with his sister Samantha and Megan’s mother Doria in the early days of Megan.

In 2017 he Arrested on suspicion of threatening girlfriend with a gunHowever, there was no charge.

A year later, before his sister married Prince Harry, Thomas Jr. Begging the Duke of Sussex to cancel the wedding Megan is “obviously not the right woman for you.”

He told Prince Harry in a letter that his marriage to Megan would be “the greatest mistake in the history of royal weddings.”

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Katie Hopkins deported after hotel quarantine action

His addition of rumors to the cast comes after the controversial British media personality Katie Hopkins. Dumped from the show and deported on Tuesday After her actions at the Sydney Hotel Quarantine.

Hopkins was proud on social media about making fun of hotel guards by answering the door naked without wearing a mask – a turmoil from social media users.

Interior Minister Karen Andrews said Hopkins’ visa was canceled on Monday night and she I was on a return flight to England..

Other notable contestants at the show include reality star Caitlyn Jenner, who flew from Los Angeles last week and is currently in the hotel’s quarantine.

71-year-old Jenner, who is running for Governor of California, is rumored to be paid $ 500,000 for appearing in the show.

Her arrival in Sydney Already causing anger The fact that celebrities can jump in and others are struggling in a group of Australians stuck abroad is said to be “slap”.

A Seven spokesman told news.com.au about Thomas Markle’s rumors: Everything will soon be revealed and Big Brother is looking forward to seeing a new collection of housemates.

“Most of the speculation was wrong, but it should be noted that Seven guarantees that the arrival of international artists in Australia will not affect or prevent Australians from returning abroad. It’s important, “they added.

“All international artists associated with Seven are on the outside of the flight cap upon international arrival and are in an arrangement that is tax exempt by the government to come here. All artists are of the government. We also take quarantine measures in accordance with the law.

“Like the emergence of world-class international actors who are now supporting the Australian film industry, these artists are contributing to the production of top-notch television productions, often during difficult times for the creative and production departments. Creating jobs for people in the world. “

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Meghan Markle’s brother Thomas Markle Jr to appear on Big Brother VIP Source link Meghan Markle’s brother Thomas Markle Jr to appear on Big Brother VIP

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