Meghan Markle asks for $2.7m in legal fees from paper that published father’s letter

Megan Markle demanded that the email issuer pay her legal costs on Sunday after the court ruled that the paper infringed her privacy.

Megan Markle today demanded a statutory cost of $ 2.7 million, and Sunday’s email demanded that he hand over a copy of the letter he wrote to his estranged father after winning the privacy battle.

The High Court judge last month Paper violated the privacy of the Duchess of Sussex She wrote to Thomas Markle when it printed an excerpt of a five-page letter.

And at a remote hearing on Tuesday, the Duchess’ lawyer went to the High Court. Mail on Sunday And MailOnline – Give Mr. Markle a copy of the letter and destroy the electronic copy or any notes made about it.

The Duchess also said her legal costs were estimated at $ 2.7 million, requiring 50 percent to be paid within 14 days.

But Sir Warby Sunday email By paying $ 800,000, more may be paid in the future.

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Ian Mill QC, Representative MeganThe Duchess said, “To avoid the need for time and money incurred in discussing these issues,” “at a nominal award,” “restricting her damages” for misuse of personal information. I told the court that I was willing to do that.

Megan also Sunday email MailOnline will print a statement on the front page stating that she has won the privacy proceedings, stating that she will need to post the article on the website’s home page for six months.

Antony White QC, on behalf of ANL, said the statement did not need to be printed and “seems to be intended as a type of punishment or retaliation, not as a necessary and proportional measure for the benefit of the petitioner or the general public. “He added.

Sir Warby today refused to order “delivery or destruction” of a copy of the letter to Megan’s father “at this stage.”

He also said he would give a “limited order” to share the ruling, which would be far more limited than Megan’s request.

The judge said the details of the public order and the reasons for granting it would be provided in a written decision, as will be communicated at a later date.

The· Sunday emailThe application to appeal the privacy and copyright decisions was rejected today.

However, you can apply to the Court of Appeals.

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Last month, a judge ruled that the publication of Megan’s letter to her father was “obviously excessive and therefore illegal.”

In a February judgment, Judge Warby issued summary judgment to Megan on her privacy claims. In other words, she won the claim without going to trial. This means she doesn’t have to meet her father Thomas in court.

The 39-year-old royal family claimed that an article published in February 2019 contained misuse of her personal information, copyright infringement, and data protection law violations.

And the judge also admitted Megan’s copy claim, Mail on SundayThe article “copied most and important parts of the original literary content of the work.”

He states: “In short, it was a personal and private letter.

“Most of the published content was about the petitioner’s own actions, her feelings of anguish about the father’s actions she saw, and the resulting rift between them.

“These are essentially private and personal issues.”

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However, the judge asked whether Megan was the “only author” or whether Jason Nauf, the former Duchess of Sussex’s communications secretary, was the “co-author”. It’s not very important in the context of the world. “

Megan’s data protection claim was not considered in summary judgment hearings earlier this year and remains unresolved.

The Duchess issued a statement last month, saying, “Today, we have all won by winning this comprehensive victory in both privacy and copyright.”

An ANL spokesman said the ruling was “extremely surprised.”

This article was originally Sun Reproduced with permission

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Meghan Markle asks for $2.7m in legal fees from paper that published father’s letter Source link Meghan Markle asks for $2.7m in legal fees from paper that published father’s letter

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