Meet the students who got a 99.95 ATAR

A friend told her she was third in Extension 2 math, ninth in Extension 1 math, and 11th in Advanced English. “I’m a little surprised,” Sariena said. “I was really surprised.”

She was one of James Loose’s seven students and won the top ranks. Dineth Fernando said he maintained all his extra hobbies such as bass guitar, basketball, taekwondo and volunteering to keep his balance throughout the year.

“Students with good grades have this kind of stigma, but they need to be involved in many things other than studying to manage their mental tensions,” he said.

Seven James Ruth students who received 99.95 ATAR from left to right: Winston Fan (standing), Eric Fan. Anthony Fan; Sarienaye; Dineth Fernando; Alexander Van Fan; Xella

Everyone except Sariena will study medicine next year. She wants to get a general science degree. “It’s good to finish the HSC and close that chapter, but we still have to make a lot of decisions,” Sariena said. “I just want to enjoy college and explore more interests.”

Julina Lim, a high school student in Cabramatta, didn’t want to say 99.95 ATAR aloud at first. “If I say that, I’m afraid it will disappear. I’m still wrapping my head,” she said.

When Julina told her parents, her dad came back to check the screen. Her teachers were also “quivering” when they knew. “I think the word’crazy’was often used,” Julina said.


She planned to study chemistry and biomedical engineering at UNSW, but may continue her economic education after breaking through the state on the subject. “It certainly opens up future opportunities,” she said.

Ascham’s Anika Deva was about to take a driving test when she learned that she had achieved 99.95. “I think my mom was still there and the instructor didn’t really understand what was going on. It was all a bit garbled,” she said.

Alan Wong, a student at Sydney Boys High School, learned while at the gym. Jules Var, a classic expert at Sydney Grammar School, Herald Before he talks to his parents.


“I’m absolutely overjoyed. I think there were a lot of rides this year, partly because of the obstacles that were thrown throughout the class in 2020,” he said.

Of the 54,894 students who received ATAR on Friday, 17% were above 90, 33.4% were above 80, and 50.3% were above 70. The median ATAR was 70.15.

The twins, Yunji and Kim Jinyoung, both achieved the same rank of 99.90, despite attending different schools and studying different subjects for HSC.

“We worked a lot together during the HSC and motivated each other. Whenever we were disappointed with something, we were there for each other,” Jinyoung said.

Flynn Bloom, the school captain of Patrician Brothers College in Blacktown, was struggling to sleep before the results. The tension that was awakening him quickly turned into hesitation when he absorbed six bands 6 on the laptop screen.

Then a smile emerged. He achieved an ATAR of 98.90. This means that you need to achieve your dream of studying law at the University of Sydney.

First in metal and engineering, Tumbarumba high school student Lachlan Fisher was excited to go on to college for the first time in his family after receiving an ATAR of 85.85. “I can’t wait,” he said.


Eszter Coombs of Fort Street High, the state’s top English student, achieved an ATAR of 99.85.

Natasia is an educational journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald.

Anna Patty is a senior writer at The Sydney Morning Herald with a focus on higher education. She is a former workplace editor, education editor, state political reporter, and health reporter.

Pallavi Singhal is a data journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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