Medicinal cannabis course launched for Australian GPs

HealthCert Education Launched a CPD-certified medical cannabis program for practitioners.The· Griffith University-Reviewed programs are guaranteed quality Cannabinoid Colleges in Australia and New Zealand (ANZCCP).

Online registration Medical cannabis professional diploma Opened in February, it aims to provide a GP best practice roadmap on how to manage the general condition of this new drug, including eligibility, government requirements, products, dosages, and usage. ..

Medical cannabis is a relatively new frontier in medicine, with symptoms of countless medical conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, nausea, side effects of cancer treatment, insomnia, IBS, some autoimmune diseases, and multiple sclerosis. Much more that has proven to help mitigate. Medical cannabis use increased 10-fold in Australia from 2019 to 2020. is this, Therapeutic Goods Bureau (TGA) To a practitioner.

Medical cannabis prescribing is tightly controlled by the TGA, but if you believe it is clinically necessary, the practitioner can legally prescribe it and gain the relevant knowledge and experience to obtain state-related approval. Can be shown.

Despite the growing popularity of medical cannabis as a treatment option for a variety of conditions, there is still misinformation, misunderstanding, and confusion between doctors and patients. This has forced many patients seeking this treatment in Australia to still source it in the black market. Thus, there is a great demand for certified education to support physicians who want to become skilled practitioners and certified prescribers in this field.

“Over 25 years of international research and experience show the legitimate role of medical cannabis in improving the quality of life of patients with many conditions,” said Little Green Pharma, one of the course presenters. GP Dr Joe Kosterich, a medical adviser at “While this approach fits perfectly because managing the entire person is what we do in general practice, the myths and misconceptions about cannabis are still widespread. Quality education is medical for doctors. It’s the key to understanding the role of cannabis and how to prescribe and monitor patients. “

Practitioners can start an online survey at any time to obtain a medical cannabis professional qualification, advanced certificate, or professional diploma reviewed by CPD Points, and Griffith University, certified by RACGP and ACRRM, and guaranteed by ANZCCP. I can do it.

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Medicinal cannabis course launched for Australian GPs Source link Medicinal cannabis course launched for Australian GPs

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