Matthew Perry quickly deletes candid Friends reunion picture

Actor Matthew Perry clearly rethought after sharing this candid behind-the-scenes photo from Friends’ reunion.

Matthew Perry went to Instagram on Saturday to share a behind-the-scenes photo of himself preparing for the next friend Reunited, just to delete the post later.

“A few seconds before eating the makeup brush, not to mention reuniting with my friends,” he captioned himself in a makeup chair.

Posts exceeded 27,000 likes before the actor immediately removed them from their account.

Further confirmation lies with co-star David Schwimmer, who told Andy Cohen in early March that the cast and crew would start production “in just over a month.”

“I’m heading to LA,” he said at the time. “In other words, in the end, I came up with a safe way to shoot. Because of the safety protocol, there are some parts to shoot outdoors.”

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Friends Hoshi Schwimmer; Jennifer Aniston, 52; Courteney Cox, 56; Lisa Kudrow, 57; Matt LeBlanc (53) and Perry (51) will initially be reorganized in time for the launch of HBO Max in May 2020. was. However, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, shooting was delayed, and it was delayed over and over again. Over and over again, and … well, you get the idea.

Since then, the crew haven’t filmed the actual episodes, so they obviously had to do a lot of pivoting.Kudlow confirmed in an interview with variety Last summer she said, “I won’t be Phoebe.” Aniston said, “I’m not Rachel. Well, we’re like small pieces of them. Not much. But yeah.”

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Matthew Perry quickly deletes candid Friends reunion picture Source link Matthew Perry quickly deletes candid Friends reunion picture

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