MasterChef Australia: Minoli’s pastry disaster leaves the judges ‘devastated’

Unfortunately for one competitor, their “wow” food on the pressure test was disastrous and the judges continued to scramble.

MasterChef pressure tests are rare and competitors unfortunately fail.

The judges told the winning team that they were supposed to spend the night writing recipes for their pressure tests. The food should be sweet and contain vanilla, and the judges should get the same “wow” sensation that athletes would experience during a normal pressure test.

At stake is a big reward. The top two pressure tests will be given the opportunity to compete in MasterChef Australia’s largest ever immunity challenge.

When Minoli, Tommy, Kishwar, Justin and Linda enter the Master Chef kitchen, they are surprised to hear that the judges are not with them while cooking. And during the tasting, the judges do not know who cooked each dish. However, no contestants will be left alone. They are taught by the pastry chef Darren Purchese. They have 2 hours to cook.

Minori chooses a classic dish and makes pineapple tarte tatin with the right puff pastry and vanilla bourbon ice cream.

She is keen to show off some technical skills for the judges today. Darren is excited about it, but wonder if he has enough time to make the pastry from scratch? Minori takes too long to prepare the pineapple and can’t put the pastries in the oven. That is, the judges receive the unfinished food.

Minori pushes the limits and making puff pastry from scratch is not easy.

The jury was very excited to push her into her pineapple tart, but was devastated when she learned that her pastries weren’t cooked well.

“I’m overwhelmed by the person who made it,” says Jock. “It’s as raw as it can be raw. It’s not near. It’s raw.”

MasterChef Australia: Minoli’s pastry disaster leaves the judges ‘devastated’ Source link MasterChef Australia: Minoli’s pastry disaster leaves the judges ‘devastated’

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