Massachusetts Police Reunite Family With Allegedly Stolen Puppy

The Wellesley Police Department in Massachusetts said on July 25 that it had reunited its family with a black Labrador puppy allegedly stolen. Police said an eight-month-old dog named Ember was taken from the family’s front yard on July 22. Suspect by identifying a vehicle that was orbiting the house before the dog disappeared. Wellsley detectives and police officers, in collaboration with Framingham police officers, discovered Ember on July 25 and charged two Framingham residents with more than $ 1,200 of stolen goods and plots, officials said. Stated. “We were in pain and just wanted to know she was okay,” Irana Nissenbaum, one of the dog owners, told local media. The Wellesley Police Department has released this video of the owner reuniting with the puppy.Credit: Wellsley Police Station via Storyful

Place of originMassachusetts Police Reunite Family With Allegedly Stolen Puppy

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