Mary Trump Trolls Her Uncle During His First Speech Since Leaving Office

Mary trump Seems to be more interested in the weather than her uncle Return to the public eye..

During ~ Donald TrumpIn his first appearance at the Conservative Political Activities Council on Sunday after leaving the White House, his niece tweeted an image of the sunset “because nothing important is happening right now.”

In his speech, Trump attacked his successor, President Joe Biden, for rolling back the policies of the Trump administration, repeating his illusion that he had won the election, doubling the false allegations of fraudulent elections. It hinted at the 2024 presidential election. However, he told CPAC attendees that he would split the Republican vote and ruled out starting his own party.

Attendee polling Fifty-five percent of respondents said they would vote for Trump in a virtual 2024 presidential election, and 95% said they wanted the Republicans to continue to push Trump’s agenda and policies, Trump’s strong and continuing. Showed support for a typical party.

Mary Trump predicted on Sunday Appeared on MSNBC Her uncle will never run, but may continue to imply it to seek funding.

“I imagine the reality he pretends to be [run], “She said,” We have raised funds to fight for “big lie” in the past few months, and have legally advanced more than ever in any other effort. You need to understand that you have prepared yourself to do so. “

“I don’t think he’ll be in a position to lose again,” she added.

Submission from the Federal Election Commission Show over $ 207 million It was raised for the Trump Campaign, the Republican National Committee, and other related committees in the weeks following the November 3 elections. Many were created by fundraising appeals that made false claims about fraudulent elections.

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Place of originMary Trump Trolls Her Uncle During His First Speech Since Leaving Office

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