Marvel’s WandaVision: Elizabeth Olsen and Kevin Feige on trippy Disney+ series

I think Marvel’s first TV show will look like a movie, but think again on a small screen.

After dominating the pop culture of movies for the past decade, Marvel Studios is ready to conquer a small screen.

There are more than six streaming series debuting this year, the first of which is Wandavision, It’s close enough to be appetizing. Launched at Disney + this Friday, the series is a blockbuster superhero, collectively known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is a new frontier for studios that have cleared about $ 23 billion in worldwide box office revenue.

And for the last 18 months, there haven’t been any new Marvel movies. Wandavision Is hot.

But if you’re going to see the same thing more, but only on a small screen, think again.

“It confused me when I first heard it was TV.” Wandavision Star Elizabeth Olsen told news.com.au. “It was news for me because everything in this Disney + Marvel wasn’t expressed in the world at all. [Marvel Studios boss] I loved Kevin Feige because he taught me his concept and his first idea. “

Wandavision It wasn’t intended to be Disney +’s first MCU series, it Falcon & Winter Soldier But when the coronavirus pandemic disrupts production, Wandavision It was the first series after shooting.

When I think about it later, I feel that I intended to solve it that way. Wandavision Not only the story of 9 episodes that appears every week, but also the DNA of that story is firmly established on TV.

If you’ve seen the trailer, the trippy series seems to be in a pocket universe where Wanda and Vision are married suburban couples who know their power but aren’t necessarily behind the scenes. You will know now.

And this is all done through the filters of all television-era family comedies starting in the 1950s.It’s a homage to something like Bewitched, I love lucy, Happy Brady, Leave it to Beaver, Dick Van Dyke Show And more than that, filmmakers promise to this day.

The mystery that runs through it, the “real world” framework of the Post-Blip Avengers universe, is affected Twilight zone..

According to Fage, the idea for the MCU Disney + show was to do things that couldn’t be done within its capabilities.

“It plays in format and in media,” Fage said at a virtual press conference this week. “There were a lot of meetings before people really understood what we were trying to do. We are sitting here. [writer] Jack [Shaeffer] And [director] mat [Shakman] did. And we can turn wacky ideas into spectacular shows.

“”[The TV medium] It has made it possible to creatively expand what we do. I hope it says, “Prepare for something different and new.”

“We have what you can only see in the theater first, it was made for that, and this is very often seen weekly on television, which is very different to us. is.

“We want people to understand that these projects at Disney + are as important as the projects that take place in the theater.”

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To that end, Fage said he was looking at how Star Wars and the Disney + team were able to make a television series. Mandalorian It feels like an event.In particular, he pointed out the decision to release Disney Mandalorian Weekly, not all at once.

“I think it was very wise to do that because the weekly conversations between episodes are so important. Every time I witnessed it, I was excited about the way we were building. Wandavision.. “

That love for episodic television WandavisionThe compliments to past comedies that Fage emphasized are not parody or satire.

“I watched too much TV when I was a kid, so it made a lot of sense to me and I felt comfortable with the TV family. We love these things and they are as outdated and ridiculous as they are now. As you can see, it makes a lot of sense to us. There is an element of comfort. “

That comfort factor has a direct impact WandavisionWhy the audience is watching Wanda Playhouse with a vision in the story and the shimmering housewife setup.

Olsen tells news.com.au as a character who has experienced enormous trauma in the world of MCUs and has the ability to bend reality into her will. Wandavision A superhero who “protects this reality and tries to keep it.”

“In these comedies, you can see people’s resolutions are low,” she continued. “The whole episode looks very small, but when they take it very seriously and finally resolve it, everything feels good.

“And her life is not a small determination, so I think we have what we hold in these comedies. It’s a simpler life that gives us joy.”

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It’s easy to see why Wanda is tempted to live in a world where the most pressing issue at hand is the vision of accidentally swallowing gum, which is not a way to defeat the genocide villains in order to wipe out half of the cosmic population. I will.

31-year-old Olsen has a unique connection to the comedy of his beloved family. She is the sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Full house..

She didn’t ask her sisters for hints about setting up a multicam comedy or shooting in front of a live studio audience, “because we didn’t.” Wandavision I did it for the pilot, but she has early memories Full house set.

“”[Full House] It was after-school care, but I was very young, “she recalled. “The show ended when my sister was nine and I was six, so they’re really memories of the early days. The stage, the craft service area, the dressing room, the moderator who excites the audience. I remember.

“That’s what I really remember from it, not the actual shoot of the real thing. But there’s this wild meta-experience of how it all went through completely. [Director] A kid’s comedy actor, Matt Shakman, was filming the backside lot we shot as a kid. [co-star] My first job at Kathryn Hahn’s college was a multicam comedy.

“There were a lot of weird meta moments we found. This connected us all to these comedies.”

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Olsen has joined the MCU since the 2015 movie Avengers: Age of Ultron (With a small cameo after credit Captain America: The Winter Soldier Previous year). As a Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch, she was an integral part of the superhero team’s Avengers, but until now she was part of the ensemble, not the headline star.

While advertising Wandavision, Olsen is currently in production in London Doctor Strange and Multiverse of Madness She replays Wanda’s character.Event is expected Wandavision Connect directly to Doctor Strange The sequel.

Despite the attention-grabbing status that accompanies being a regular at Marvel Productions, she works primarily in small films, including Sean Durkin’s 21 breakout role. Martha Mercy May Marlene, Dark comedy internal organs Ingrid-Net StalkerAcclaimed Facebook series I’m sorry to lose..

She has the feeling that she deliberately chose indie food and probably prefers to be an actor rather than a “celebrity”.

“I’m always scared before doing the Marvel project. With the Marvel project, the reality is that more eyes see me than ever before, and that idea is horrifying,” she said. “But it’s really fun storytelling and we have such a great group with us, so you forget the scary part and just try to do your job.”

What’s more, the opportunity to dig deeper into the ensemble character in my environment in four and a half hours, rather than the moment it was stolen in the movie with the other twelve marquee characters, was just too fascinating.

“”[WandaVision] It gave me a whole new sense of ownership, “says Olsen. “They really i [a champion for Wanda] When we were developing the show. Jac Schaeffer was very keen to keep me involved and get my views and opinions.

“Now Doctor Strange 2, I really feel like her full owner. I used to be a team player who said, “Oh yeah, that’s a good idea. I’m sure it will.” Think about ways to make it fun, make it different, or create a backstory.

“Now I’m like, but this is where she is, this is who she is, and this is what she’s likely to do.” It continues to grow and is her ownership. “

Wandavision The connection between Olsen and the character has also been revived, but how long she plays depends on the “story”.

“When asked how long I’d be doing Wanda a few years ago, I would have said,’I don’t know, I don’t know,’ but this show really opened up a lot of possibilities and revived my love. She.

“Let’s do it Doctor Strange With her, I feel like I can keep evolving this woman. “

WandaVision will begin streaming on Disney + on Friday, January 15th at 7pm AEDT.

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