Marshall backs ‘cautious’ vaccine approach as businesses lose confidence

Prime Minister Steven Marshall acknowledges that South Australia needs to “raise the rate of execution” in order to deploy the coronavirus vaccine. This is because corporate surveys show confidence in the state’s response.

This comes from the fact that the number of vaccines given last week plummeted to nearly 2700, which Marshall has put into Easter calm.

The prime minister said national expansion would be “top of the agenda” at tomorrow’s national ministerial meeting.

“There is a debate about the history, the suitability of vaccines that have already been approved by TGA, and vaccines that are planned for future study,” he told reporters this morning.

“We are happy to have a good start, but we need to increase its execution rate. It is a shared responsibility between the federal and state governments.”

Official figures show that SA has the lowest per capita immunization rate (1.74 per 100 people) All states or territories except New South Wales.

“Obviously Easter has put a handbrake on the deployment of the vaccine, but I expect the implementation rate to increase significantly next week,” Marshall said.

He said that “more and more GPs” were enrolled to administer the vaccine, but “I don’t want all GPs in SA to forget their primary focus on primary health care.” ..

“I think we’re taking a cautious approach, but we’ll get the latest information tomorrow,” he said.

InDaily Report last month The plan was implemented for a mass vaccination hub after the bidding process was initiated to speed up deployment.

Business SA, the SA Chamber of Commerce, states that most of its members are dissatisfied with the current pace of deployment of the coronavirus vaccine.

According to a member survey, 58% of respondents are “dissatisfied with the speed of deployment of COVID-19”, while only 21% are satisfied.

“We need to do more to safely increase jabs across the state,” said CEO Martin Heeze. A week in Brisbane. “

“We must do everything we can to get everyone vaccinated as soon as possible, which opens up more vaccination sites, brings more staff online, and includes business. If it means implementing an innovative way to get the job done, “he said. statement.

As an exporter, one survey respondent, Rodney Martin of Era Publications, said “vaccines are an important step in making international flights available to markets where Australian companies could also control the virus.” I did.

“The view that we are not in a hurry is an inward view of the urgency of vaccine deployment,” he said in a statement.

Opposition spokesman Chris Picton said, “It’s amazing that SA has the second lowest per capita deployment in the country, and it seems to be slow rather than fast.”

“It’s been continuously promised that things will skyrocket, but last week it fell 34%,” he said.

“There is no problem with the supply. A huge number of vaccines are stored in the refrigerator if they can be used to vaccinate people in the community.”

SA vaccine deployment collated by SA Labor

This is because Australian drug regulators held an emergency meeting after European authorities confirmed the link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots.

In the UK, because of the risk of blood clots, we provide alternative vaccines to people under the age of 30.

Although the European Medicines Agency has not made specific recommendations, it has been found that women and people under the age of 60 are at increased risk of developing rare side effects.

Given that most Australians are set up to receive AstraZeneca jabs, advice can pose a significant threat to Australia’s vaccine strategy.

Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said Australian regulators are reviewing the findings.

“Recommendations are brought to the table today and we’ll look at the situation in Australia,” he said.

“The AstraZeneca vaccine is effective and very safe for most people. There is this very rare event and some people seem to be associated with that particular vaccine – 4 per million. ..

“The advantage is that the vaccine is very effective in preventing COVID disease and can be severe and fatal, especially in the elderly.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it was too early to say whether Australia would add a warning label to the AstraZeneca vaccine following other countries, or give people under the age of 30 another drug.

However, he said the risk of blood clotting was much higher among women taking contraceptives, and even from common paracetamol tablets.

He said there was no indication that national vaccine deployments would be affected at this stage, especially given that the early stages focused on older Australians.

-Additional report by AAP

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