Married At First Sight: James Weir recaps MAFS | Groom brutally sledges wife

This controversial bride has been brutally written down on state television by the man she married. And he lie to her face.

The bride, who is married to OTT on the first site and quotes WAP, guards a sledge from a frightened groom on Tuesday in an episode that ends with a peg down at a moment as vivid as her husband Mankle.

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James Weir’s Summary: MAFS Episode 1

We are invited to three weddings tonight, but like hell we are going to attend all. Who are you throwing away? Booker and Brett invitations are boring and should be discarded without opening. The reception menu is assumed to be vegetarian.

I’m a little interested in the wedding of Samantha and Cameron. The main reason is that she bought a sofa at the tip of the trash, Age difference is embarrassing at a hen party before starting a conflict.. She may be happy to be with her. But then I checked in to her a few hours before the ceremony and noticed that she had tremendously calmed down since the fiery chicken discussion — and the man she’s married is just somehow. — Meals with the reception catering company.

This leaves us here — an intense Pilates instructor who is still trying to create a catchphrase for the virus. You should believe that we will return attendance to “HELLYES” and clear our schedule to participate in this rager.

Coco’s first job is to spit out more slogans.

“What’s good, daddy?” She crouches down at the cafe table to meet her girlfriend for brunch and mimosa on Wednesday.

“Keep your heels high, women!” She informs Pilates clients during class.

“I’ll probably do some nervous pooh,” she admits when asked about the pending ceremony. OK, this tagline is the best candidate. There is the warm and soothing wisdom of Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel. Definitely screen print this on your tank top.

Who is she married to? A man called Sam. We don’t know much about him because we’re just here honestly to see Coco cause havoc.

OK, what important things can you share about Sam? Well … he’s wearing deodorant.

Annnd … He has a mankle.

Oh, he likes boobs.

“She must have decent boobs,” he confesses.

All these details about Sam just draw a vibrant picture, right?

We are a little far from the wedding and as always, Coco is very cold and calm.

“Hopefully he wants to be my Kim Kanye! Build an empire!” She declares about an anonymous man who is blindly trying to get married.

For the purpose of fair and balanced reporting, please note the following: Kim applied for divorce from Kanye..

“You need to have something in you — a little jalapeno spice. Hmm. A little chili. Arrabiata sauce,” she continues to offer the tagline, thinking about her dream husband.

Now we are at the bottom of the barrel and she has a half-hearted slogan. I think I should have decided, “I’ll pay an extra dime for the sauce!”

Anyway, Coco is enthusiastic about the potential of this union. But boobs mansam?

“If I’m crazy about her, I’m crazy about her, otherwise it’s pretty hard to hide,” he shrugs.

Oh, the producers are foreshadowing their A game.

Coco swirls through the aisle, her limbs flutter, and a half-shaped catchphrase echoes around her.

When she finally reaches the groom, she quotes Shakespeare. Or is it Walt Whitman?

“Dayy yymn. What?” She crumples her face and tilts her head sideways when assessing a stranger in front of her.

It’s clear enough that she thinks Sam has the arabiata sauce she really wants.

On the other hand, what about him?

“She will be very noisy. She’s a little different from what I’m used to. I was thrown at her a little,” he confesses to us.

When the time of vows comes, Sam gives a beautifully written and thoughtful speech. Coco will be more creative.

“I should just read aloud WAPShe was enthusiastic and turned to the crowd for applause that never came.

It’s almost time for Sam to check out completely. “Wow,” he looks down on all his life choices, regretting.

But Coco is certainly writing a proper vow.

“My name is Coco. What’s good, Papi? I’m a proud Leo. Don’t disturb me when I’m eating, like a lion,” she waits for applause from the crowd again. I am.

Worse than this is only when the bride says, “You should lower the toilet seat!” In their vow. PSA: Don’t mention wedding toilets. Read whatever standard the church sorcerer tells you.

OK, we like to make jokes about Coco — but she’s not completely socially incompetent. She felt Sam withdrew from that day, so she strives to find some commonalities when they take wedding photos.

“What kind of music are you interested in? Do you think it’s trance?” She squints.

She has already moved on to her favorite music before he even has the opportunity to answer.

“British rap and drill,” she lists. “Do you like pop smoke? I can’t believe you don’t know who pop smoke is! He’s a rapper. He was shot.”

Sam stared vaguely into the distance and thought he was the one shot in place of Pop Smoke, so a wave of jealousy washed his body away.

Coco can feel him slide down further.

“Do you think I’m not your usual type?” She asks.

afterwards. He lies down. “No, you’re my usual type,” he replies without missing a beat.

Don’t be surprised that he is so messy. The man has a mankle to yell.

He was unhappy and his body was shocked. The producer quizzes him and he lie again. They push further, divide the audience, and elicit a brutal reaction known to cause repulsion.

“Do you want me to be cruelly honest?” He blurs the producer — wide-eyed eyes and burning nostrils.


“Well, I don’t want to look like a ** hole. I just met her, she might be a really nice person, but she’s definitely extra and there. She’s not my tea. She’s not my type. It’s far from that. It’s cruel and honest. “

Can you hear that sound? The sound of hashtags being thrown into the Twitter timeline.

Emotional purges don’t make him feel good, and at the reception-as Coco shouts more substandard catchphrases throughout the hall-he hates life.

Just as he couldn’t confuse Coco more, she goes and begins to use more gangsta rap jargon.

“I was born to make Ms,” she shrugs.

“What is M?” He crumples his face.

“Millions,” she raised her hands in the air, raised the roof, and then launched Pop Smoke again.

“Does anyone else know who he is?” He stands up and asks the room, but no one can hear him because Coco grabbed the microphone.

“I’m a white baby! Put pork in a fork!” Her voice bounces off the wall.

Sam doesn’t know if he’s pork or folk — and he doesn’t want to know.

“Some of what she says is worth a little crimp,” he grimaces.

What a dare he. This is the last straw. Samuel, you colored your hair with your home Clerol Box Kit. And you are probably interested in trance music. You are not in a position to judge, teacher.

Coco doesn’t need Sam. She should take her own advice by keeping her standards and heels high. Does she really want to be with someone who refuses to play pop smoke classic songs on their wedding day?

After all, Coco is like all of us. She is blinded by the chance of love. She succumbs to Sam and pandas.

“… What did you first think when you met me?” She asks, nervously tracing the circle of her thigh with her index finger.

“I thought you could potentially be really noisy and crazy there. It’s never fun to be there and say quirky things at the wrong time.” He tells her.

Hmm. Proud. Obviously, it was the catchphrase “Pork on Yafolk” that caused this reaction.

Coco doesn’t seem to break, but it’s not. This comment approaches the bones and her brave wilt.

“It’s good to have an off-switch here. Maybe I decided her too early,” says Sam, and we’ll soon see the social media hashtag screams thrown out again. Listen.

The real question is whether Sam will pay the sauce an extra dime of 10 cents.

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