Marc Jacobs reveals results of facelift

A 58-year-old fashion designer showed off her facelift results just days after she went through social media on the weekend.

Who couldn’t use the little lift in us?

A few days later Reveal that he has been renovated When Share Instagram photos Bandaged on his head, the fashion icon shares the results of his nip and tack.

“Three days later. Jacobs, 58, captioned a post-surgery selfie showing his new and improved face on Saturday.

He also added a number of cheeky hashtags such as “swelling”, “#andawholelotofsnatchedtightness”, and “buhbyejowls”.

Designers while maintaining transparency I posted a snap While healing in the high pressure room on Friday. “Replenish oxygen,” he wrote. I clasped a water bottle and an oxygen mask in the enclosure.

Jacobs’ famous friends shared their support in the comments.

“Mark !!!!! Lisa Rinna shouted, but Debi Mazar considered him” razor-sharp. “

Erika Jayne called the result “great,” and supermodel Kristen McMenamy spewed out, “Damn, you look like hell !!!!!!”.

Fans who had previously expressed concern about Jacobs’ bandaged face were relieved to see his path to a healthy recovery. “It looks great! Thank you for recording this trip,” he commented. “The doctor killed it!” Added another.

Dr. Andrew JonokoThe plastic surgeon responsible for Jacobs’ Deep Plain Facelift also seemed happy with his work.

“Just three days later … and you look great !!! I was able to cut a diamond on the chin line !!!” he said. Written on Instagram, Re-share his patient snap.

“Thank you for trusting me in your face, it means the world to me !!! Your transparency and credibility is rare and refreshing. It’s the courage of a self-care journey to others. Will give and control their appearance. “

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Marc Jacobs reveals results of facelift Source link Marc Jacobs reveals results of facelift

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