Man takes potshots at Supreme Court

Not long ago, four bullets from a .30 Ml rifle were fired at the Supreme Court building across the road. Brandt, 31, a typist from a nearby registration office, was back at work when he encountered a man in a gray Kingswood station wagon.

“He was just pushing a shell into the gun. He was having a good time,” she said.

Next to the man, on the hood of the car was a bottle of Johnnie Walker black label, a large bottle of dry ginger ale, and an open pack of ice on the roof.

The task of arresting the man was entrusted to two members of the anti-theft unit, police officers Phil Stewart and Ross Judd, who approached him and asked him to drop his gun.

By that time, the front yard in front of Hyde Park Barracks had been blocked by police. The man immediately put his gun on the roof and lay down on the ground.

“I don’t feel reluctant to have many guns pointed at you,” said Constable Stewart.

It was a good week for the police to fight crime.

“We are on a good trot” … arrest officers, police officers Phil Stewart and Ross MacLean

“I caught two friends last night and today I caught a man with a rifle. We are on a good trot,” said Constable Stewart.

Three bullets broke through the top of the glass entrance on the ground floor. The other was not found.

The commissioner of the inquiry desk at the entrance closest to the statue of Queen Victoria heard the bullet unaware that 61-year-old Bruce Graham broke the glass just a few meters from him.

He went out and saw a man in a car with a rifle.

The man was charged with firing a gun last night. Possess a loaded gun and a malicious injury (to the window). He will appear in court today.

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