Man Robs Bank A Day After Jail Release From Another Heist

A 52-year-old man was accused of robbing a bank in Manhattan, New York on Thursday. The next day, he was released from prison for quitting another bank robbery a few days ago.

Chi Ngo was accused of robbing two separate Chase Bank branches on Tuesday and Thursday. New York post The first to be reported was a citation of sources and court documents.

The suspect’s repeat offender first robbed a branch office on Canal Street after 10:30 am on Tuesday, robbing him of about $ 2,300 in cash, criminal accusations said.

According to court documents, he wrote in a note given to the bank teller, “I had a gun.” “This is a bank robbery. Put your cash in your bag. I will use it.”

Police officers were able to arrest Ngo and found him a hammer and a utility knife. According to court records, he was charged with three felony robbers and possession of robbery tools.

According to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Ngo was indicted Wednesday, and Judge Herb Moses granted the prosecutor’s request for release under Ngo’s supervision.

After the liberation, Ngo robbed another Chase Bank branch (this time Fifth Avenue near West 44th Street) shortly after noon on Thursday, sources told Post. The robber followed the same settings as the previous one, and Ngo slid the note to the cashier requesting money.

According to police, Ngo fled for $ 100 during a recent robbery. He was arrested outside the bank just minutes later, sources said.

His latest robbery accusation was still pending Thursday afternoon. He will appear in court again in August. Fox news Said.

According to court records, Ngo had previously been convicted of the crime, but according to the Post, no additional details were provided.

A similar incident It happened on Tuesday when police arrested on charges of bank robbery in Fresno County, California. He was released a few days after he was released on suspicion of another bank robbery.

Michael Salinas led police to Fresno after trying to seize the Bank of America in the neighboring Madera County.

Officials said Salinas was arrested last week for another robbery at a bank in Fresno. He was released from prison a few days after his arrest, but is now back in prison after his recent attempted robbery.

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Man Robs Bank A Day After Jail Release From Another Heist Source link Man Robs Bank A Day After Jail Release From Another Heist

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