MAFS star Jo Todd loses job at barber shop for refusing Covid-19 vaccine

Married At First Sight’s reality star is opening her own hairdresser for “unvaccinated” clients after losing her job because she refused to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Former MAFS contestant Jo Todd quit his job because he refused to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Two Victorian mothers, 40, who starred in this year’s Channel 9 reality show season, uploaded a video on Instagram revealing that they had lost 12 years of work at a local barber shop in Karingal. bottom.

Todd, who has about 50,000 followers on Instagram, has revealed that he is opening his own hairdresser for “vaccinated and unvaccinated” clients.

“I’ll jump in here and get in touch with all the patrons and the mother who had her child’s haircut at Karingal,” Todd began. “I just let you know that I’m not going back to the store anymore.

“I didn’t expect to lose my job with the vaccine, but I set up my own hairdresser, so if you’ve previously cut or haven’t been vaccinated, please contact me and send me a message. I will cut your hair and be happy. “

“The new rules do not allow you to go to a hairdresser without vaccination. We would appreciate it if you could cut your hair with or without vaccination.”

The blockade of Victoria is expected to end in late October, when the state is expected to reach 70% double dose.

The current roadmap allows hairdressers and beauty services to be open indoors to five fully vaccinated patrons.

80% of the hairdressing and beauty services are open indoors to fully vaccinated patrons, with a maximum of 150 people per 4 square meters.

Enterprises must also follow strict Covid rules, such as QR code login and face mask requirements.

News.com.au is seeking comment from Victorian Health.

Todd is not the first MAFS Athletes issuing a statement against vaccination.

Former bride Haley Vernon from last season said on Instagram that she would not have children and anyone who received a Covid Jab.

A 33-year-old ex-tradie, who is currently participating in OnlyFans, said: The reason I ask is that I personally don’t. I’m not going to bring this world to life with someone who had it. “

at first MAFS contestant Jo Todd lost his job at a hairdresser because he refused the Covid-19 vaccine.

MAFS star Jo Todd loses job at barber shop for refusing Covid-19 vaccine Source link MAFS star Jo Todd loses job at barber shop for refusing Covid-19 vaccine

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