Macron Attacks ‘Big Lie’ That France Is Eroding Freedoms

President Emmanuel Macron denied the claim that freedom was being eroded under his control as a “big lie” in France on Friday, intensifying the controversy over the new security law.

Significant criticism of Macron appeared in the international media after Macron announced a crackdown on extremist Islam and his government sought to push for a security bill restricting the release of police images.

Macron told online news portal Brut in a television interview that “it cannot be said to reduce France’s freedom,” and complained that France had been “caricatured” in the debate over security law. Stated.

“That’s a big lie. We’re neither Hungary nor Turkey,” he added, adding that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Macron “trouble” and urged the French to “drive him away” as soon as possible. ..

Some commentaries in the English media have accused Macron of targeting all Muslims following a series of attacks over the past few weeks accusing radical Islamists.

However, Macron argued that he did not select Muslims, but merely defended the country’s secular system.

“France has no problem with Islam … we are a country we have always had a dialogue with.”

English media accuses President Macron of targeting all Muslims in a series of attacks

“We established a republic based on the separation of politics and religion,” Barr emphasized.

Macron refused to be drawn into Erdogan’s recent personal attack and said, “I believe in respect. I don’t think attacks between political leaders are a good way to do it.”

After police beat black music producer Michelle Zeclair, social tensions over security law increased, and four police were charged in Paris last weekend, sometimes involved in violent protests.

Macron admitted that “there are violent police,” and insisted that “they need to be punished.”

He said, “When you have a non-white skin color, you are much more controlled (by the police). You are identified as a problem factor. And that cannot be justified.”

But he also blamed “crazy people” for violence against police at a rally in Paris last weekend.

Macron’s interview with Brut, a video-based news portal for young people, is seen as the president’s attempt to win trust with young people who are particularly interested in the actions of the French police.

Macron’s ruling LREM party lawmaker said on Monday that he would propose a “complete rewrite” of some of the security bills.

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