Louie Spence cooks mother’s ashes on Instagram

“She turned from sludge to a nice consistency.”: ​​This reality star shocked fans by cooking the ashes of her mother who lives on Instagram.

British television star Louie Spence shocked fans by posting a video of him cooking his mother’s ashes in the kitchen.

A 52-year-old dancer who gained fame in the reality series Pineapple dance studio, Said his deceased mother turned into “sludge” in the garden.

He shared a video of the ashes in the pot on Instagram, saying, “She was about 1000 degrees when she first got burned, so I think it’s okay.”

Loei, who talked about the video, explains: Many of you are asking: “Why was she so wet?”

“She was on a pedestal in the garden. It was sealed, but apparently the seal was broken and all the water entered.

“One of the things she didn’t like was swimming, and she definitely didn’t like getting her hair wet.”

He explained that he was “drying her” for three days, picking up a handful of ashes and then sprinkling them in a pot.

He added: “As you can see, she’s back from sludge. It’s not literally, it’s revived and it’s nicely consistent.

“Then you can get her back. Day 3 – Dry your mom.”

Loei’s mother, Pat, died in 2013, and Star withdrew from Cinderella’s production at Milton Keynes.

The pair were incredibly close and were even shown to bring Botox together during an episode of his reality show.

Last week, Louis told his followers that he brought his mother’s ashes from the yard and added a drop of whiskey.

He explained, showing the ashes in the pot of flowers she bought.

“Instead of putting her on top of AGA, we put her on low heat and let it dry.

“I think it’s okay because she was about 1000 degrees when she first got burned. She doesn’t know because she gets angry at the whiskey we just put in.”

Regarding the kitchen jar, he said:

“There was water in it. I dried her in an old pot about 70 years old at AGA. I’ll give you whiskey because I don’t have vodka. She will love it.”

Many fans were shocked by the simple reply “OMG,” but another wrote, “I can’t handle this.”

Louis gained fame on a reality television show Pineapple dance studio In 2010, when he was the artistic director of the London venue.

He continued to appear in British reality hits Celebrity Big Brother, Jump When Farm celebrity..

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at first Reality star Louis Spence cooks mother’s ashes in an amazing video

Louie Spence cooks mother’s ashes on Instagram Source link Louie Spence cooks mother’s ashes on Instagram

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