Lockdown warning on water risk after day of multiple tragedies

“This year we have a really busy summer and an incident happened across the Victorian coastline … it highlights the need to stay vigilant by the water-it’s really easy to be complacent.

“There was a lot of activity in a very short time. We are just a rescue element. We need to encourage people to keep themselves safe before reaching that point.”

The first death of the day was after a 45-year-old woman died after the death of an unconscious man in his 80s from the waters of Rye Front Beach, and a group was washed away from a rock in Bushrangers Bay near Flinders. It occurred when the other five were rescued.

Several helicopters were deployed in the dramatic scene of Bushrangers Bay in Cape Schanck, Mornington Peninsula, and two men jumped into the water trying to rescue a group of four women and girls struck by a big wave. That’s right.

Victorian police confirmed that a 45-year-old woman, a 47-year-old woman, a 19-year-old woman, and a 13-year-old girl were washed into the sea around 3:30 pm. Later, two men, 28 and 47, went into the water and helped a group of four suffer.

Several helicopters from Victoria Police, Life Savers Victoria, and ambulances, along with water police and local ambulances, searched for water for six people.

On-site ambulances and other emergency services on News Melbourne

Everyone was withdrawn from the water, including the deceased woman. Emergency personnel transferred five survivors to the hospital. Four were transferred to Frankston Hospital and one to Rosebud Hospital.

In January 2019, Melbourne musician Jjay De Melo drowned while swimming with a friend in Bushrangers Bay.

In 2017, seven people were hit by a big wave and one man was airlifted to a hospital in danger.

According to witnesses, the same place where a group of four was swept away.

According to witnesses, the same place where a group of four was swept away.

Police said a third drowning occurred in Venus Bay, Gippsland on Wednesday night, and at around 7:30 pm, a teenage girl was seen struggling underwater, many for her. Got into the water to help. One of the people who went to help, a woman in her twenties, was in trouble.

Police said an off-duty lifeguard pulled the woman out of the water and started CPR, but was unable to resuscitate her.

All other people involved in the incident came out of the water unharmed, including the teenager who was initially suffering.

Police will produce a coroner’s report on all three deaths.

Meanwhile, police are also investigating a 3-year-old girl after she lost consciousness from Lake Listerfield at about 5:50 pm on Wednesday. An ambulance crew worked on the girl and she was resurrected. She was transferred to the Royal Children’s Hospital and was in crisis on Thursday morning.

David Estcourt is The Age Court and General News Reporter.

Rachael Dexter is The Age’s latest news reporter.

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