Linda Evangelista: Inside life of world’s most beautiful model

The famous 56-year-old supermodel is currently fighting for $ 50 million from a company that claims she has destroyed her career.

She was once talked about saying she would never get out of bed for less than $ 10,000 a day.

But after more than 30 years of fast-forwarding, Linda Evangelista is getting more attention with the $ 1 figure. She is suing the company for US $ 50 million (US $ 68 million) behind the Cool Sculpting procedure, which promises to freeze fat.

In this week’s Instagram post, Evangelista claimed her The procedure left it “cruelly hurt”.

The 56-year-old claims to have developed paradoxical fat hyperplasia or PAHs. This is the risk she says she didn’t notice before running the CoolSculpting process.

PAHs occur in the weeks following treatment when the area of ​​treatment grows rather than shrinks, leaving a “painless, visibly enlarged, hard, well-defined mass” under the skin. ..

Evangelista claims that she not only suffered from teratogenic phobias that made her unable to work, but also suffered mental distress from the side effects that made her a recluse.

It’s a sad twist for Evangelista, who has long been welcomed by her peers as one of the greatest fashion models of all time.

Evangelista was born in 1965 to an Italian immigrant in the Canadian city of St. Catharines near Niagara Falls. She started modeling as a teenager and joined Miss Teen Niagara Pageant, who was scouted by an agent in Elite Model Management.

Surprisingly, Evangelista wasn’t even sure if she wanted to be a model after experiencing trauma in Japan at the age of 16.

“I was chosen by a Japanese agency to go to Japan for a summer job,” she said. interview magazine.

“My parents were strict Italians and didn’t allow me to go out after 10 o’clock. I had to choose to go out on Friday or Saturday night and having a boyfriend Not allowed.

“But they said it was okay. I got there, and it was a catastrophe. They asked me to undress and shoot naked.

“It was a nightmare, and I panicked, and basically the Canadian Embassy helped me.”

But in 1984 Evangelista moved to New York City and then to Paris. So her career was overdriven at the age of 19 on the cover of her first magazine.

In 1988, Evangelista cut his hair into a pixie cut, controversial. This decision hurried her at 17 fashion shows. HuffPost Report.

However, the look eventually paid off, and Linda’s haircut became an IT style in the late 1980s, and Evangelista later claimed that it quadrupled her rate.

Evangelista became one of the most famous models in the early 1990s, graced the covers of over 700 magazines and became the muse of fashion labels such as Chanel and Versace.

She became known for her diverse appearance and reportedly dyed her hair 17 times in five years. CR fashion book Report.

Her career peaked when the world’s largest celebrity was a model, and Evangelista was considered one-third of “Trinity” alongside Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell.

But her time modeling wasn’t controversial – she said in 1990. trend Magazine: “Christy and I … never wake up for less than $ 10,000 a day.”

Despite Evangelista’s apology for the statement, the backlash was swift.

The claim of “$ 10,000 a day” was also somewhat true. Evangelista is reportedly paid $ 20,000 for walking at one fashion show in 1991.

“I feel like those words are going to be engraved on my tombstone. Every time I interviewed, they came up,” he said. Evangelista said.

“I apologize. I admitted it. I said it was true. I said it was a joke. Do you regret it? I once regretted it.

“No, I don’t regret anything anymore. Do you want to never say such a thing? Yes. Can I say such a thing again? I don’t. I hope. “

In 1998, Evangelista announced his retirement from modeling.

However, she returned to the fashion industry three years later and, less often than her previous career, continued to model throughout the 2000s.

In 2006, Evangelista gave birth to her son Augustin James Evangelista. His father is a millionaire French businessman François Henri Pinault.

To celebrate her pregnancy, Evangelista appeared on the cover of trend Here she talked about getting Botox and said she wasn’t upset by the changes that pregnancy brought to her body.

“I’m not surprised at all, I accept it. I believe I’m doing everything to get through this as smoothly as possible. Am I doing yoga every day? Are you exercising? “She said. today.

For the past five years, Evangelista has rarely appeared publicly. She was noticeably absent from the reunion of the 1990s supermodel Catwalk at the 2017 Versace show.

This week we finally found out why – in an emotional Instagram post, Evangelista writes that her PAH suffers from mental distress as well as physical side effects.

“PAH not only destroyed my livelihood, but also sent me to the lowest depth cycle of deep depression, deep sorrow, and self-loathing,” she said.

“In the process, I became a recluse.”

Other supermodels said they supported Evangelista’s legal action and suspected that there might be a reason for the model’s absence.

“I knew in my heart that you were somehow quietly experiencing something deep, personal and anxious,” Helena Christensen commented on her post.

“There was a reason she retired from the spotlight, and it was tough for a woman whose brilliance is known as the embodiment of physical chameleons and elegance,” Paulina Porizkova told Instagram. I also wrote.

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