Legacy Has Good Intentions But Fails to Cast a Spell

Craft It has become a cult classic, thanks to its indelible portrayal of an incompatible teenage witch becoming wild. A fascinating amount of nostalgia from the 1990s was burned. Craft: Legacy Aiming to capture the spirit of the original, adding a modern spin to the story is undoubtedly successful, but lacking in most other respects.

We won’t ruin any of them before we move on Craft: Legacy As much as we want to talk about them, this review reveals as much. Moreover, it is unfair for writer and director Zoe Lister Jones to review her continuation by original and point-by-point, especially considering how the two films differ. However, some comparison is inevitable.

The two movies are Lily (Developer‘Cailee Spaeny) Faces nervousness with a new chapter in her life. I can’t blame her for being worried. She was uprooted so that her mother, Helen (Michelle Monaghan), could shack up with Adam (David Duchovny) after a whirlwind long-distance relationship. Adam has a nice house with a huge attic bedroom for Lily, but he also has three sons who don’t seem excited to see her. His success stems from self-help books and lectures on topics such as “crisis.” Of masculinity. This is a concern for Lily, and the early signs are Legacy Instead of wasting time building a nuanced theme, we’re trying to break the hammer right away.

To be honest, they aren’t really that strange. (Photo: Sony Pictures)

Fortunately, Lily wants to add a fourth witch to her up-and-coming covenant, thanks to three girls, Lourdes (Zoirna), Tabby (Lovie Simone), and Frankie (Gideon Adlon). So almost immediately I became friends at the new school. ..They are Lily It Something that doesn’t surprise her as much as you might think when she can telepathically hear them whisper.It sets a magic baseline throughout Legacy, When Lily joins the group, everyone seems to come comfortably. A variety of useful talents emerge, such as freezing time, burning fingers, moving people against your will, and enhancing eye makeup with a flashy glow.

Everyone is pretty cute and confident at first, so the transformation here is when the girl turns a magically mysterious school bully into an “awakened Timmy”. Actor Nicholas Galitzine who nailed both sides of this character). Even the “wing-light, board-hard” ritual was an important moment in the original film to bend the witch’s newly discovered abilities, where it was driven into some of the fun montages. I will. Magic is fun, isn’t it?

Unless otherwise, the inevitable lesson comes with a twist. Something that always bothers me about the 1996s Craft It worships “Manon,” a god whose seemingly feminist message that young women unleash their power, which is basically described as Mother Nature but is clearly gendered as a man. It’s a way of being confused by the fact. Maybe that’s why they all end up turning on each other.

In contrast, Legacy — A great focus on the “air, fire, water, earth” elemental chants — keep these bonds tight. Friendship is tense only when Lily casts a selfish solo spell. It does not mean malicious, but violates the agreement between the girls. “If we don’t intend to use our power responsibly, we shouldn’t use it at all,” Tabby warns her. That’s common sense, but to be honest, is it a bit boring?

Sister relationships are great, and so are the ways girls will work together to set things right. But nothing here recreates the chaotic energy of Nancy Downs in the first movie. Shoplifting in pagan boutiques, beachside rituals during thunderstorms, cruel “charming” hallucinations, and no one screaming and flying around. I don’t know much about other girls because everything is focused on Lily (sorry because everything provides a compelling performance). Also, everything that is considered a stake feels relatively low. The most shocking moments in the movie happen completely off-screen, so you’ll only hear about it after the fact, and its impact will be diminished.

Speaking of Nancy, the photo of Fairuza Balk, which is prominently glimpsed in the movie trailer, is not found anywhere in the real movie, but there is a very clear villain-you can guess who it is. Is it? Acceptable answers are “a person who wears snakes across the vestibule in the first 5 minutes of the movie” and “patriarchy”. Toxic masculinity is certainly a serious real-world problem and should be encouraged by young people to recognize and fight. This isn’t the only recent horror movie that addresses this.Include Black Christmas Remakes also come to mind. However, its use as an equivalent to the plotting device here is not particularly interesting and not very memorable. Craft: Legacy Unfortunately, in itself.

Craft: Legacy Is currently available for digital rental and purchase, and details about its international theatrical release will be announced shortly.

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