Latest bathroom trends and designs

Latest bathroom trends and designs

Remodeling a bathroom is a complex yet creative process. It requires proper organization, a defined budget, and a lot of thinking. Luckily, the design community always offers ideas you can get inspired from, and these are the top bathroom design trends to look out for in 2021.

Make Your Bathroom Shine: Chose Proper Lighting

Aside from its aesthetic side, light impacts our mood. Once you start looking for bathroom lighting, make sure to pick one most suitable for your needs. You can even opt for double lighting, especially for a master bathroom.

Two types of lights are crucial in this case — ambient and task. Ambiental lights contribute to a calming atmosphere, while task lights give you clarity. The best thing is, both types come with dimmers; it just depends if you want them. You don’t have to be conventional when it comes to bathroom lighting. If you want a chandelier above a tub, let it be. Being open to innovations and allowing your imagination to do the work is what bathroom design trends for 2021 are all about.

What’s Your Favorite Color?

This year’s bathroom trends don’t dictate a specific color palette we should focus on. Choosing the right color for your bathroom depends on your preferences and the rest of your home. If you aim to simplify, pastel or earth colors are a perfect option. On the other hand, if you are eager to experiment, bright colors and unusual patterns will make your bathroom stand out.

If you are an Instagram user, you’ve probably witnessed the dominance of what is known as millennial pink. People loved it, especially in combination with copper. Now, designers suggest earth tones such as ash coat and forest green, beige and blond. If you want to play it safe, black and white is a combination that never goes out of fashion.

Her Majesty — The Bathtub

Bathtubs have outgrown their primary purpose. Aside from being functional, we want our bathtubs to be complementary to our overall bathroom design. The international design scene supports bathtub trends which resulted in a variety of bathtub models.

White is not the only color, designers state. Bathtubs can be two-tone or multicolored, made in unusual shapes, and enriched with different materials. Picking a freestanding bath is a particularly popular choice, due to its simple yet luxurious look. People also love them because they are easy to install and maintain.

A freestanding tub is the number one choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of exclusivity to their bathroom. The variety of options allows you to choose between traditional and modern looks.

What Tiles to Choose, That is The Question

Looking for bathroom tiles is probably one of the most amusing parts of the remodeling process. There are so many options you can choose from, so don’t be afraid to go beyond your usual pattern and just enjoy it.

But First

Tiles can work a miracle for your bathroom. For instance, vertically placed tiles can make your bathroom look taller. On the other hand, if your bathroom is narrow, you’ll make it seem wider if you opt for a horizontal tile arrangement.

Thinking about tile grout is as essential as choosing suitable tiles. Grout that contrasts with the tile colors will make your tiles stand out. Grout that matches the tile color creates a painted look and hides the pattern you wanted to achieve.

Large-Format, Subway Tiles, or Something Else?

Minimalism and luxury in one, yes, it is possible. If you find this combination interesting, consider choosing large-format tiles. Larger tiles make grout lines less visible, and that’s a significant bonus, primarily from a cleaning standpoint, while pairing them with natural stone material will make your bathroom look even more luxurious.

Subway tiles gained popularity in the past couple of years. If you opt for these tiles, we suggest choosing brightly colored ones, and don’t forget about finishes. Be innovative; subway tiles give you space to be creative and think beyond the traditional horizontal arrangement.

Bathroom tiles come in different shapes these days. It may seem a bit risky to pick a tile in the form of a triangle, but trust us, your bathroom will look astonishing. In years to come, we will see more bathrooms enriched with tiles in the shape of herringbone, fish scale, diamond, and hexagon.

Your Bathroom is Your Oasis

There’s nothing so rewarding, like a warm bath after a busy day. That’s why we love our bathrooms so much. And that’s more than enough reason to make them appealing. Remember, a few changes can make a significant difference because your bathroom should be your oasis, your own relaxation retreat.


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