Lamb review: Dread and portent in fable-like horror movie

There is no jump scare and few gussets, but this unusual horror movie makes you deeply anxious and confusing.

Lambs are far from traditional horror movies.

Not jump scare or excessive gusset Lamb It depends on the horrifying air. Icelandic films are slow, deep and anxious, even when the characters are as mundane as they eat and as fun as they dance.

As a precursor to the whole piece, you can feel it heading for something horrifying, and any moment can be at potential danger. When you challenge the natural order, there can be no other conclusions.

Starring Noomi Rapace and Hilmer Sner Gudnason, Lamb It is located on an isolated farm surrounded by a valley surrounded by the towering mountains of Iceland. It’s so beautiful that it’s a different world, especially when the fog is involved.

Director Valdimer Johansson and cinematographer Eli Allenson emphasize the overwhelming and uncontrollable nature of the outside, no matter how much humans try to bend at will, and capture the appearance with a vast wide shot. ..

Maria (raptor) and Ingbar (Gudnason) are two farmers who discover creatures that decide to raise as children when they give birth to new lambs.

The first act of the movie did not reveal the whole picture of the creature. We can only see the head held in the blanket in the bath, crib, or arm.

But it’s clearly not another lamb, and Maria and Ingbar don’t know what the audience knows from the first scene of the movie. It surprised the sheep barn shortly before something was born.

Lamb Some are folklore horrors, some are domestic dramas, portraits of couples who are unable to cope with their sorrows and are focusing their energy on something unimaginable. Fear is in emotional confusion as much as it is explicitly displayed on the screen. It’s always there, but there’s an unspoken sense of loss.

Even as Lamb Introducing idyllic scenes such as making a corolla in the field. The fact that there is an element that should not be infused with unwavering tension moment by moment.

And Maria has a disturbing dream that doesn’t immediately reveal whether what you’re seeing is real or subconscious.

Lamb The conversation is sparse, and the tranquility of the surroundings means that all the extra sounds, such as the little cry of the Border Collie, are important.

Johannsson skillfully directs all the elements in creating a simple story. He doesn’t have to be flashy to evoke the primitive horror at the heart of something very strange and very provocative. Lamb..

Shots that leave the cat’s sharp glare for 3 seconds longer than comfortable, the subtle metallicity of the score, and the tranquility of the camera as the character moves through space. LambConfusion effect.

It may feel almost formalistic, it may ask a lot and constantly challenge the audience to tackle its allegorical story, but it certainly is the other you see this year. It won’t look like a movie.

evaluation: 3.5 / 5

The lamb is now in the cinema

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