LA Restaurant Criticized For Serving Unvaccinated Customers Only

At restaurants in Los Angeles, every customer entering the facility must be presented with proof that they have not received it. COVID vaccine As the number of cases increases Delta variant It continues to spread.

Huntington Beach’s restaurant, Basilico Pasta Evino, Anti-baker A message posted on the door of the restaurant. He also announced new requirements on his Facebook page, which was similarly angry with customers and health authorities.

The sign says, “We need proof that we haven’t been vaccinated. We don’t tolerate anti-American stupidity. Thank you for your consideration.”

Tony Roman, owner of Basilico’s pasta Evino, said KNBCThe anti-vaxxer message, an NBC affiliate in Los Angeles, is that “American way of life is being attacked.”

“Since then, we haven’t obeyed any restrictions, and when the little tyrant launches an attack with a new command, we launch a new missile of rebellion and fight back. And the mandatory vAX policy. We couldn’t resist because of the new and aggressive push for, so we’re sending our own message, “he added.

However, people weren’t happy with the anti-Baxer message from Basilico’s Pasta e Vino, so they went to Twitter to complain about the restaurant.

A user of a social media site called the restaurant, saying, “Their slogan should be,’If food doesn’t make you sick, COVID will.'”

Other Twitter users have stated that this location offers “pasta with COVID” or “chicken palmi with coronavirus sauce” under its anti-vacancy policy.

Some said they would never eat there again.

This is not the first time Roman has spotlighted his view during the COVID pandemic. He previously declared Basilico’s Pasta Evino a mask-free zone and remained open during the heyday of the pandemic when many restaurants in the area stopped eating indoors in March 2020. Los Angeles Times..

Orange County reported 1,351 new positive COVID cases on Monday, with a cumulative total of 262,071 infections throughout the pandemic, revealing opposition to the Roman vaccine. Orange County Healthcare Agency..

is more than 1.75 million people Data from the Ministry of Health show that the Orange County is fully vaccinated with COVID-19.

It was unknown at the time of writing whether Basilico’s Pastae Vino was checking customers. Vaccine status When they enter the restaurant to ensure compliance with his new policy.


LA Restaurant Criticized For Serving Unvaccinated Customers Only Source link LA Restaurant Criticized For Serving Unvaccinated Customers Only

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