Kingscliff beach house sale set to smash $4m record

Outside the once-sold family’s luxury home, Lauren Young was able to break $ 4 million and set a new price record on Kingscliff’s luxury beachfront.Photo: Glenn Hampson

The sale of a luxury seaside home in Kingscliff’s Millionaires line was able to see home prices break through $ 4 million for the first time along the hot Tweed Coast Strip.

Kingscliff is an architect-designed four-bedroom home on 29 Cylinders Drive that is on the market with a price tag of $ 4.25 million. When this is achieved, it will set a new record in the booming seaside town of northern New South Wales.

The seller’s house was built in 2013 with hard concrete.

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Home prices along Kingscliff’s most exclusive neighborhoods have exceeded $ 4 million since last year, with a current record of $ 3.96 million for 13 Daybreak Boulevard’s new four-bedroom homes sold on January 20, this year. ..

In October, a five-bedroom home designed by Jayson Pate was located on a 10,12 square meter 71 Cylinder Drive, raising $ 3.91 million. Meanwhile, the 23-Cylinders Drive 6-bedroom home sold for $ 3895 million in June, surpassing the $ 3.75 million achieved in May. 9.9.

A successful sale of more than $ 4 million would break the record for this new home in 13 Daybreak Boulevard Casuarina, which sold for $ 3.96 million in January.

Nick Witheriff, marketing agent at LJ Hooker Kingscliff, said he has already received a number of offers for 29 Cylinders Drive, which is set on 765 square meters of the popular Salt Village and has direct access to the beach from the back door via the lane.

“There were some offers that were just below $ 4 million, but we hope that number 29 could break below $ 4 million in the not too distant future,” said Withariff.

Beach Life: The house can access the sea directly from the back gate via the lane.

Built in 2013, the house is built to commercial standards with solid concrete, including a suspended roof slab, and has a swimming pool, roof garden and private garden facing north.

Designed by Maurice Verna of TVS Architects, it combines modern architecture with the natural texture of stone and a 3.5m high acoustic wood ceiling to withstand the elements of the coastal location that have been coveted for generations. I made a house.

Street Appeal: Sylinders Drive is Kingscliff’s most famous address.

Owner Emile Young has a more relaxed life with her two daughters, including Lauren and Lauren Young Photography, whose family has moved south from Burleigh Heads and established her business in an idyllic town. I said I sent it.

Young, who built 10 homes, said that the solid concrete construction cost of this home was twice the normal construction cost, but prevented problems such as termites, rotting wood, gutter aging, and leaks. Said.

“The house will be there after 500 years-it’s that kind of construction,” he said.

“Inside, it’s very quiet and safe, and it’s protected in the event of strong winds and hail storms.”

On the second floor, there is a bar, lounge and parent’s hideout with a balcony with views.

On the ground floor, there are two bedrooms, a bathroom and guest room with a separate entrance, a kitchenette and private bathroom, a study, a lounge with a fireplace, a kitchen with luxury home appliances, and a large outdoor covered area. It faces the recreation area. -Specific teppanyaki barbecue.

On the upper floors, there is a master bedroom with a double walk-in robe and luxurious marble and granite ensuites, as well as a bar, lounge area and parents’ hideout with a balcony overlooking Mount Warning.

Row of Kingscliff Millionaire

Lauren Young at the popular Kingscliff Beach.Photo: Glenn Hampson

Other features include an air-conditioned wine cellar, security camera and alert system, wired speakers, outdoor hot shower, double garage, and storage space for surfboards.

Carol Withariff of LJ Hooker said Sylinders Drive has surpassed North Point Avenue as Kingscliff’s most coveted address.

The 71 Cylinders Drive Kingscliff home, designed by Jason Pate, raised $ 3.91 million in October.

Mrs. Withariff said high demand from sea changers was the biggest driver of local luxury real estate, with the last 20 of her agency sales directed to buyers from the capital of New South Wales. ..

“In the last 12 months, we’ve seen real changes in buyers coming from the North of Kingscliff, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. But with COVID, we’ve seen buyers from Sydney and Melbourne. We see huge spills moving out of the big cities in search of our quality of life, “she said.

“There are many buyers from Byron. [Bay] Byron is the one who sells to Sydney buyers and wants to move to our area as it can get busy and take 1.5 hours to get into town from the highway. “

According to property records, the 29 Cylinders Drive was last sold for $ 710,000 in 2011.

Young families sell after buying nearby land for a new building.

Place of originKingscliff beach house sale set to smash $4m record

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