Kim Kardashian Defends Her Met Gala Look

The appearance of her Met Gala caused some interesting memes on Twitter, but Kim Kardashian is convinced that the black ensemble was suitable for a critical occasion.

Mettogara of the theme of 2021 was “American Independence”. Many spectators felt that Kardashian was not sticking to the theme and that there was nothing “American” about her outfit.

However, reality show stars defended the costume choices for the famous event in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

“What is a T-shirt head-to-toe American ?!” Kim wrote, sharing a series of photos showing that her fascinating team carefully created the look of the event. ..

With a short clip, Kim could be seen getting out of the car in a black T-shirt dress with a bodysuit, black jersey boots, pantalegging, jersey gloves, and a mask to hide his face. A long ponytail covered her look.

However, her wake-up didn’t go well with many observers, and some Twitter users found a creative way to deny Kim’s appearance.

Kim Kardashian Defends Her Met Gala Look Source link Kim Kardashian Defends Her Met Gala Look

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