Khanh Xuan Pham jailed for murdering Goran Stevanovic and cutting off penis

The man who killed his two fathers in Sydney then cut off his penis and performed a horrifying act.Warning: Graphic

A drug addict who cut off the penis of his two fathers in a unit in western Sydney and brutally stabbed him to dismantle the corpse was sentenced to at least 22 years in prison.

Golan Stevanovich’s family sobbed quietly and solemnly on Thursday behind the New South Wales Supreme Court, hearing details of his bizarre murder by Khan Suan Fam.

Fam, 40, was unflinching when he was imprisoned. Judge Helen Wilson said the reason for cutting Stevanovich’s genitals was “unexplained.”

After stabbing and killing a 40-year-old boy in Sadrier’s apartment in January 2019, Fam dismantled, peeled and amputated Stevanovich’s body for several days.

The court heard that Stevanovich’s body had been amputated and his family could not perform a funeral or meet him before he was buried because of their religious beliefs.

“I’m traumatized by how this murderer killed our son. I never forgive him because he has never shown regrets,” Stevanovich’s father Dragoslav said in court. Said outside.

“He had a long life before him, but Mr. Khan, he took his life, he didn’t have the right to do it.”

Stevanovich’s corrupt body was finally discovered by Fam’s mother, who had come to his son’s apartment to check his welfare, clean it, and bring food.

When she noticed a strange odor coming from the bathroom, she looked inside and was horrified to see a pile of body parts in the shower.

She initially believed that she had found her son’s body.

“This crime is certainly a serious crime with a barbaric attack by a criminal using a weapon against an unarmed man,” said Judge Wilson.

“Then he treated his body completely with contempt and denied Mr Stevanovich’s humanity or dignity of death.”

Judge Wilson said that due to their religious beliefs, Stevanovich’s family could not see his body to give him a “last hug” before he rested.

She added that Stevanovic’s impact on her two young children was “immeasurable.”

Stevanovich was killed with four puncture wounds on his back, chest and heart.

Judge Wilson said that when he was stabbed, Stevanovic “sit peacefully with his back”, “not suspected of violence”, “unarmed”, “had no chance to escape or protect himself”. Said.

The knife, which Fam stabbed him to death, broke into his spine and caught on his back.

The murder occurred after Stevanovich arranged to go to Fam’s house to buy methamphetamine on January 8, 2019.

At that time, Fam and his girlfriend Kateroid were both in the apartment.

While Lloyd was sleeping, Fam stabbed him while turning his back on Mr. Stevanovich.

Stevanovich managed to get out of the apartment, but Fam attacked him again before he and Lloyd brought his body back to the apartment.

Over the course of several days, Fam tried to chop up Stevanovich’s body to dispose of it, but abandoned those efforts.

When his body was discovered, pliers, butcher knives, knife sharpeners, cable ties, some knives and plastic bags were found in the shower recess.

There was a red rope around his neck, and human tissue and bones were found in the shopping bag.

He also stole Mr Stevanovich’s cell phone, wallet and car.

Judge Wilson said his amputation increased the severity of the crime.

“The criminal then cut and partially dismantled Mr Stevanovich, including the removal of the tattoos he might have identified and the cutting of his penis,” said Judge Wilson. Said.

“The latter amputation is not explained by the need to dispose of the deceased’s body.”

Fam did not plead guilty to murder, but offered to plead manslaughter in court. His defense claimed that he was affected by drugs at the time and suffered from delusional episodes.

He was found guilty of murder after a judge-only trial.

However, Fam gave police several different versions of the event, including his actions in self-defense.

Judge Wilson said his expression of remorse was “quite hollow and dwarfed by the sadness of his own situation.”

“But the exact reason why the criminal did what he did remains probably unknown,” said Judge Wilson.

“The general delusion of drug-induced drug-induced criminals may have played a role.”

Fam was sentenced to 30 years and 7 months and was released on parole for 22 years and 11 months.

Over time, he is eligible to be released in December 2041.

Lloyd was imprisoned last May after pleading guilty to being an accessory after the murder.

Lloyd was sentenced to 5 years and 3 months in prison with a parole of 3 years and 6 months.

Place of originKhanh Xuan Pham jailed for murdering Goran Stevanovic and cutting off penis

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