KFC SuperCoach: Round 19 trade help, run home jury question and answer

To answer the key questions of the run home, we have collected four of the sharpest brains of KFC Super Coach. Find out how to approach the last 5 rounds.

The KFC SuperCoach judges are made up of some of the sharpest brains in the game, with numerous finishes in the Top 100 and Top 1000 in between.

We’ve gathered four judges for the “Run Home” special to help you navigate what KFC Super Coach promises to be a crazy five-week week.

Check below to see how they use their limited deals, the amount of cover they have left, and more.

Round 19 Trade Guide: How do I need to replace the dust?

How many transactions are left and how do you plan to use them?

@nacheers: I triggered in the last two transactions. I’m playing in several cash leagues right now, but Kyle Langford and Ratchie Whitfield had to go because they needed a win.

@BolchDylan: Four – one to replace the dusty and the other three to tackle D6 and other injuries. Josh Kelly and Lachie Whitfield are two guys under a cloud of injuries that I may have to deal with.

@HoneyballAFL: The three left $ 200,000 in the bank. D6 still has Trent Bianco / Jacob Koshitsuke. I was able to loop recently, but I was planning to upgrade the higher priced one soon. The other two deals were in the case of an injury in Dusty. I’m not the owner of Joshua Kelly — of course due to durability concerns — I might have evaded the bullet.

@Empr_X: four. One is to downgrade Tom Highmore to Samderlam or another rookie, and the other is to trade out Dustin Martin. The other is used to replace Zack Smith with my last premo and the other is used to compensate for injuries.

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Are you a “full premium”? If not, which position do you still need to fill and which rookie are you playing?

@nacheers: Sadly, it’s not this year. Keelen Briggs / James Madden / Trent Bianco is spinning on the D6.

@BolchDylan: D6 — Trent Bianco. You might replace Kelly with a defender and use DPP instead to field the Ratchie Bramble.

@HoneyballAFL: Bianco / Kozi is not perfect through D6. Also, the F6 has the great survivor Tom Phillips, and the M8 has the Clips. These are not 2021 premoss. Sharp and Bramble covered the clips pretty well on the R18, so he could be my M10. Ideally, if you avoid injury, upgrade Philips to one of those final deals.

@Empr_X: Depending on what you’re doing in Dusty this week, you’ll need to fill the premium spot with either midfield or defense.

In what round should KFC Super Coach plan to run out of trades? Should they go early or should they have one spare all the way to Round 23?

@nacheers: It depends on the situation. If you have a high rank and want to keep climbing, I think you just have to trigger and go bankrupt. If you’re playing in the league, I’ll watch your match and if you can hold and hold, the final with one of your sleeves could be very useful.

@BolchDylan: It’s such a tricky question and there is no right answer. Hope you get enough coverage by crossing your fingers and toes. I always tend to save one for disasters.

@HoneyballAFL: There is no exact answer to this, as it ultimately comes down to luck and your situation. But if you’re thinking of going fast, you need to make sure you have some similarities to the bench cover. Personally, I keep one trade up to R21 and pull the trigger if I don’t need it by then. If you get injured or the player rests late, assuming you have a cover, you won’t spend too much points at that stage and the potential benefits will probably outweigh it.

@Empr_X: At this point, try to hold your transaction for as long as possible. Kyle Langford will be back in a couple of weeks, so I kept Kyle Langford. Therefore, it will be retained unless the player is injured during the season.

Who is the premium you don’t have yet?

@nacheers: Touk Miller and Bont are two I don’t own and have been having a great week! Tuk was probably more so than Bont, but his report until the beginning of the season could cost him Brownlow if he kept this form until the end of the season.

@BolchDylan: Touk Miller, Darcy Parish, and Josh Dunkley (if not isolated) are some of the names I wanted, but they aren’t. All three can be large and are a great asset for KFC Super Coach.

@HoneyballAFL: Bond or tuk. Both were very reliable this year.

@Empr_X: Jake Stringer. I wish I could hug him when he was injured — it was the week I traded him in at 325k. Look at him now, he’s flying.

How many bench covers do you have?

@nacheers: I cover my progress and defense. My mid is a little short. Tanner Brune and Jai Newcome are both 23 in Round 18, with Jack Ginivan making his debut in this round.

@BolchDylan: Bianco / Nathan Murphy is the defense, Bramble / Luke Edwards / Newcom is the midfield, Reeves is the rack, and Ginivan is the forward.

@HoneyballAFL: enough. Kozi / Bianco D6 / 7, Sharp / Bramble / Newcombe M9-11, Reeves R3, Treacy / Briggs F7 / F8.

@Empr_X: Go back a lot. Somewhere else? What is a bench?

What are your ambitions for the rest of the season?

@nacheers: My rank has been shot for the first time in a few years. I’m out of the Top 1000 for the first time in three years and unfortunately I love to see some legends work this year (Go SuperCoach Mumma, currently number one). I want to play the finals in my four cash leagues and be competitive in the finals.

@BolchDylan: I would like to finish in the top 1000. I’m currently ranked 803, but many things can change from time to time. We also look forward to success in the cash league.

@HoneyballAFL: Keep up the rankings and make the Top 5000. He returned to 13,500th place in Round 10 due to inadequate early decisions, but is now in the top 5000 thanks to his early saves of trades, planned buys and attacks, and his choice of inform players. I’m just outside. Late in the season, like Sam Walsh. There is a lot of good luck there too.

@Empr_X: I’m currently just outside the top 5% and want to break into it.

What are the best tips for other KFC Super Coaches in the last 5 rounds?

@nacheers: It was a very crazy season! We have a great KFC SuperCoach Twitter community, so enjoy it, be nice, have fun and keep smiling even if it’s blocked. We had a very challenging year, but the KFC Super Coach was a great pastime.

@BolchDylan: Cross your fingers and have hope. Now that some things are out of our control, we need to pray that the team will not be so seriously affected. Enjoy the rest of the season!

@HoneyballAFL: When making trade choices, focus on the fixture and which side will score, especially if you are in the cash league and are trying to win the Grand Final in R23.

@Empr_X: If you’re competing for $ 50,000, I should ask you for a hint. Otherwise, go for bankruptcy in your league. If you are not the first, you are the last. Like Jack Darling, he trades in that risky forward and hopes the risk will ultimately pay off — did anyone say buddy?

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