Kerry Parnell: Harry Styles and Prince Harry suffer from ‘Celebrity Accent Syndrome’

Harry Styles and Prince Harry have more in common than their names. It seems that the accent has changed since I moved to the United States, Kelly Parnell wrote.

What is a celebrity throwing away an accent? I’m as vague as the next person, and I lose my keys, wallet, and marbles on a regular basis, but I’ve never made a mistake in the accent. Even when I moved from England to Australia.

But that’s not the case. Harry Styles confused fans this week when he discovered that his words were moving in a different direction.

The pop star, who starred at the British Brit Awards on Tuesday, gave an acceptance speech that sounded more like Nor Cal than Northern England.He grew up south of Manchester, but fans
I was confused by his shameless new Atlantic accent.

Alas, Haza is not the first person to succumb to a celebrity accent syndrome. It should not be confused with the foreign accent syndrome that poor Australian Angie Yen, 27, hit the news this week.

Angie from Brisbane did post a video on TikTok explaining that she had surgery to remove her tonsils and woke up with an Irish accent.

“Suddenly I was speaking with an Irish accent,” she says.

“I have never been to Ireland. It’s not completely normal. I know I need to see a doctor.”

At least Angie has a cause and hopefully you’ll find some help as to why her brain decided to reposition her voice without a visa. Anyway, don’t you know that there is a travel ban?

Foreign accent syndrome is a real and rare condition. The term was coined by neurolinguist Harry Whitaker in 1982, and more than 100 cases of bizarre syndromes have been studied.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to abandon their old voices earlier than last season’s Gucci sunglasses and instead complete a weird Mid-Atlantic droll. It’s all shoulda, woulda, coulda until you want to scream.

Even Prince Harry seems to have succumbed after moving to Montecito, developing California tongs, crushing his previous cut glass tones into millions, preferably recyclable pieces.

He follows everyone in Naomi Campbell and Madonna.
A monastery during the period when she married Guy Ritchie.

But when compared to Christian Bale, who has evolved his accent with his career, they are all amateurs. Born in Wales and attending school in Bournemouth, England, the actor began with a soft English accent as a child actor, graduated from American as a young man, and grew into a sort of Cockney Gary Oldman impression. Still, I’ve spent a lot of time shooting Thor: Love and Thunder, so I’m probably looking forward to Christian 4: The Ocker Years next. Bloody vow, Batman.

Kerry Parnell: Harry Styles and Prince Harry suffer from ‘Celebrity Accent Syndrome’ Source link Kerry Parnell: Harry Styles and Prince Harry suffer from ‘Celebrity Accent Syndrome’

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