Kelly Osbourne reveals she’s estranged from her sister Aimee

Brother Osborne’s eldest son was always elusive, and now Kelly has made a frank confession about her relationship with her lesser-known sister, Amy.

They may be sisters, but Kelly Osbourne admits that she and her sister Amy aren’t talking.

Osborne revealed an amazing revelation when he appeared on the Dax Shepard podcast. Armchair expert..

“We don’t talk,” Osborne said. “We are really different. She doesn’t understand me and I don’t understand her.”

The eldest son of the Osborne brothers has not always been in the limelight. MTV series fans The Osbournes Amy recalls having never appeared on a reality show with her famous parents Ozzy and Sharon, and brothers Jack and Kelly.

Amy talked several times about her decision not to appear in the show.

“At that time, I still felt like I was trying to figure out who I was in the turmoil of family life. So why would you want to portray it on Earth on TV? I myself I also wanted to protect my parents and siblings. They were very young and very impressive, “she said in the UK. Independent Back in 2015.

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“In the end, it didn’t matter what I thought. This was their way, their decision, and of course they were free to take advantage of the opportunity. They were it. I did. “

She also commented on her relationship with her brother Jack and Amy.

“I can’t say there’s peace between us, but there’s acceptance. Do we socialize? Numbers.”

Aimee is a musician known as ARO.. The 37-year-old released her first music in four years in 2020 – single title I shared something with the night.

Sharon Osbourne said Talk 2020: “She doesn’t want to be a celebrity with Amy. She just wants to do her music, do creative things and feel good about it. That’s it.”

Kelly also looked back on her and her brother’s fight against drugs and addiction.

“Jack was much worse than I was fast, but I didn’t know I would be a bigger problem in the long run.”

She added:

The star is also Britney Spears framing documentary. She admitted that she couldn’t see Doko. “This is someone trying to find some of the happiness in the hellish world she lives in.”

Osborne last year she Revealed 40 kg weight loss After gastric sleeve surgery. The star commented on her weight and told Shepherd that “I was most good at being fat,” despite suffering from addiction.

Kelly Osbourne reveals she’s estranged from her sister Aimee Source link Kelly Osbourne reveals she’s estranged from her sister Aimee

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