Katie Hopkins likens Australia’s Covid lockdowns to being in prison

The war between Katie Hopkins and Australian authorities was intensified as commentators blew up national leaders to “crucifix” everyone who was blocked.

Katie Hopkins has blown up Australia’s pandemic response to her large international supporters, proclaiming that “Australian people must be released.”

The controversial British media personality Deportation On Tuesday, after her actions at the Sydney Hotel Quarantine, she boasted on social media about taunting hotel guards by answering naked to the door without wearing a mask.

Interior Minister Karen Andrews mentioned Hopkins visas. This was obtained after signing in to channel 7. Big Brother VIP – Canceled on Monday night, she Forced return flight to the UK on Tuesday.

She was also abandoned from the reality TV series prior to filming.

The 46-year-old far-right commentator has since sought to be a leader in blocking the nation, especially recently. Blockade in South Australia Following 5 cases of local Covid-19 infection.

Hopkins posted a news article about lockdown on her Instagram page, writing: It was crucified. 5 or more. 5 cases! Hopkins started.

“The resident was imprisoned in his own home. The exercise should be within 2.5 km of his home and only for 90 minutes.”

Hopkins then posted a screenshot of a comment left by a South Australian resident on her page, with user “debraswan22” writing: You speak our hearts to us and give us all the hope and encouragement to stick to our guns. Thank you for being in our voice. “

In response, Hopkins declared: I will not retreat. I feel bad. Australians must be released. #FreeAustralia. “

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The post has collected thousands of comments, including thanks to the Australians for speaking to Hopkins.

Hopkins has created a “Highlights” section on the Instagram page to allow the Instagram story titled “OZIMPRISOND” to be displayed permanently.

Hopkins arrived in Australia a week ago on a “Critical Skills” visa and was widely reported to participate in the next season of the Channel 7 reality series.

But she quickly gained criticism For quarantine rants in her hotel, She compared COVID-19 In response to the flu, he compared immigrants to cockroaches and said that people with dementia should not block hospital beds.

Earlier this week, the Interior Minister issued a statement stating that Hopkins’ actions were “sneaky.”

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“It’s sneaky for everyone to take actions that endanger our health authorities and communities,” Andrews said.

Hopkins was also fined $ 1,000 by New South Wales Police for not wearing a mask on Sunday.

“New South Wales police assisted the Australian Border Force in transferring women leaving for the UK to Sydney International Airport (Monday, July 19, 2021) after visa cancellation,” the statement said.

Katie Hopkins likens Australia’s Covid lockdowns to being in prison Source link Katie Hopkins likens Australia’s Covid lockdowns to being in prison

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