Karl Stefanovic Grills ‘MAFS’ Star Sam Over His Treatment Of Wife Coco

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Sam’s skewers that Karl Stefanovich (left) fell in love at first sight

Host of the “Today” Show Karl Stefanovich Not impressed with the second episode of “Married At First Sight,” he blew up contestant Sam on Wednesday to treat his new wife Coco.

In the episode on Tuesday, three couples, including Sam and Coco, tied the knot. Sam and Coco were a “train wreck wedding” that everyone talked about after the bride looked enthusiastic and the groom wasn’t beaten.

“I don’t want to look like an idiot, she’s definitely extra and there, she’s not my tea,” Sam told the camera after the wedding.

“She’s not my type, far away from it, it’s cruelly honest.”

Sam’s actions on “MAFS,” which airs on the same network as “Today,” left Karl on air.

After meeting a reality show expert for an unfortunate match, Karl allowed Channel 9’s “upstairs” to “call” him by sharing his strong opinion about Sam. It was.

“I’m not really happy with you,” said the TV presenter when he introduced Sam as a guest of the breakfast program. “What’s the problem here?”

“It wasn’t my regular tea. She had all these one-liners and I didn’t know what she was talking about,” Sam said. “I’m ultimately vigilant, but on the wedding day, yeah … to be honest, I wasn’t too crazy on the wedding day.”

Karl told Sam that he was the problem, not Coco, before calling him a “grouse rat.”

“Isn’t it strange that you can’t find someone in less than two minutes?” Karl said. “That’s a problem for you, isn’t it?”

Channel 9

Sam and Coco’s wedding at “Love at First Sight”

On Tuesday, the viewer was watching with his fingers as the bride Coco was swept away by the wind as she tried to walk down the aisle without the help of the groom. The nerves kicked in when she broke some jokes, including calling Sam’s plastic shoes without socks.

“Honey, your shoes!” She cried.

After the ceremony, Sam called her “extra” and “loud.”

See the couple’s first meeting here:

Naturally, Twitter users couldn’t look away.

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