Justin Timberlake Voices Support For Britney Spears

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Justin Timberlake speaks in support Former girlfriend Britney Spears.. During her court hearing on Wednesday, Britney elaborated on the tragic experience she had over the last 13 years. And I asked the judge to release her from her protection. The 39-year-old singer talked about the “abuse” controls exercised against her, including how she was not allowed to marry or give birth. After these revelations Justin tweeted a message in support of Britney And criticize what she received.

“After we see today, we need to support Britney at this point. Regardless of our past, good or bad, and no matter how old it is … What’s happening to her isn’t right. A woman should never be restricted from making decisions about her own body. ” “No one should be detained against their will … or seek permission to access everything they have worked hard on.” Justin said, “Jess and I have been in the meantime. We send our love and absolute support to Britney, hoping that the court and her family will do this right and make her live the way she wants to live. ”

Britney and Justin are dates from 1998 to 2002. Earlier this year Justin apologized Hulu Britney Spears Framing documentary. “I’m deeply sorry in my life when my actions caused problems, when I spoke out of order, or when I didn’t talk about the right thing. I’m deeply sorry for these moments and other times. I understand what was missing in many moments. I have benefited from a system that tolerates misogyny and racism. I would like to apologize to both Britney Spears and Janet Jackson individually. It’s better and most important to get involved because it’s a bigger conversation that I really want to join and grow because I care for, respect, and know that I’ve failed. Deserves.

After the public split between Britney and Justin, former * NSYNC bandmates accused Britney of fooling him and boasted about their sex life in several interviews. When he reflected in 2021, Justin blamed the industry for his lack of consciousness. “It’s designed this way. As a privileged person, I have to speak out about this. Because of my ignorance, when it was happening in my life I wasn’t aware of all that, but I don’t want I wasn’t perfect for navigating all of this throughout my career. This apology is the first step and to escape the past I can’t. I want to be accountable for my mistakes. Not only all of these, but also part of an uplifting and supportive world. I am deeply interested in the well-being of those I love and love. I have. I can and will do better. “

Justin Timberlake Voices Support For Britney Spears Source link Justin Timberlake Voices Support For Britney Spears

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