Justice For J6 Draws Small Crowd

The “Justice for 6” rally was attended by a smaller number of demonstrators than expected outside the fenced Parliament building on Saturday.

An estimated 1,000 demonstrators were scheduled to attend the event. However, the event was small, given that about 400 people attended and received media attention in the days leading up to Saturday.

The Associated Press said the media, the US Capitol police and the Washington, DC police station “significantly outnumbered the demonstrators in attendance.”

Four people were arrested. In Texas, one had a gun, one had a knife, and two had unpaid warrants, according to Parliamentary police.

The rally was hosted by the non-profit Look Ahead America and led by former Donald Trump campaign supporter Matt Brainard. On its official website, the group says it “stands up for patriotic Americans forgotten by our government.”

The rally was related to a January 6 capitol riot by a crowd of Trump supporters who tried to overturn the 2020 elections by confusing Congress gathered to formalize Joe Biden’s victory. Was there.

NBC News reported Wednesday that it tried to keep people away from the rally because right-wing social media would lead to a clash with the FBI.

Reportedly, there were hundreds of police officers at the rally on Saturday. There was also a metal fence around the Parliament building.

“The rally for supporters of the’Big Lie’looks like a big flop,” said Rolling Stone reporter Peter Wade.

Justice For J6 Draws Small Crowd Source link Justice For J6 Draws Small Crowd

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