Jungle Cruise: Jack Whitehall’s character was inspired by his father Michael

Some of Disney’s new adventure epic characters are very familiar. So don’t be surprised to know that it has real consequences.

If you’re watching actor Jack Whitehall in a British comedian on Disney’s adventure movie Jungle Cruise and you think you know what he’s doing, you’re right.

As a flashy Englishman in the early 20th century, Whitehall’s character, McGregor, has a stylish figure in a three-piece suit and upright posture. But there is also unmistakable contempt. Whitehall may have played the now famous father Michael.

“My personality definitely has an element of Michael Whitehall. This wealthy British gentleman completely despised having to travel, hated the naivety of his surroundings, and tailored it. Elegance, uh, a sense of humor, “Whitehall confessed to news.com.au over zoom.

If you haven’t seen Whitehall’s Netflix travel series yet, Travel with my dad, You’re missing a joke – and it’s also a really fun show.

In the series, a slightly cheeked Whitehall is a tough father who is a former theater producer and agent whose sensibility and fashion choices are far more conservative than his son’s Y generation in shorts. I’m traveling around the world with.

The magic of the series is a heartfelt conflict between Whitehall, who sits on a Thai roadside stool and tries to eat street food, and his father, who is more comfortable around the air-conditioned silver service. 5 star hotel meal.

McGregor is a classic Michael Whitehall.

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“Joem [Collet-Serra], The director was watching Travel with my dad And we both talked about it.

“McGregor is a classic upper class, a little Snoopy and has a deadpan wit. That’s definitely what my dad has. In the movie we were traveling around the world. There are some literal words that my father sometimes said.

“When McGregor stepped into the bar, saw all the drunken patrons and said,’Oh, a classy customer,’ the line literally tells me when we enter the pub. That is. He looked around and looked down at the people drinking there.

“He was definitely part of McGregor’s inspiration. I think there are a lot of people in McGregor. It wasn’t hard to find character inspiration.”

Part of the fun of comparing McGregor and Whitehall’s father is Jungle cruise Set over a century ago, in the months leading up to World War I, it often feels like Michael Whitehall is an anachronistic time traveler of the era.

Jungle cruise We are mainly active in Emily Blunt’s Lily Houghton. Botanists are trying to discover a mythical tree whose leaves are said to cure the disease and break the curse. She took her brother McGregor on a dragoon adventure to the Amazon, where they hired the captain of the riverboat, Frank (Dwayne Johnson), to take him deep into the jungle.

Whitehall has been waiting three years to show his father his work in the film – Jungle cruise Filmed in 2018, the pandemic delayed the release, but it doesn’t warn you that you might see your side on the screen.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie, and he’ll see it for the first time this week,” Whitehall said. “I’m so proud of the job that I look forward to seeing what he did.

“And to see what McGregor had. It’s literally Michael Whitehall. I sent a photo of the mother in each outfit – there are about four or five great three-piece suit ensembles.

“This is not what we did in the design, [costume designer] Since McGregor is basically dressed in his clothes, Paco Delgado must have picked up some of Michael Whitehall’s styling tips by penetration. “

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Unfortunately, Whitehall wasn’t allowed to hold costumes, ruining the delicious possibility of matching Christmas outfits at Whitehall’s festivals.

He was also unable to maintain one of what he really wanted, Johnson’s prosthesis hanging spikes the crew made for some scenes when Johnson wasn’t available. ..

“I really wanted to keep it, but the arts department didn’t give it to me. I thought it was very good to be in the window.”

Whitehall grew up as a wrestling fan, and he initially promised he wouldn’t be confused when he met one of his childhood heroes.

“I wouldn’t turn myself into a fan girl, try to act professionally and try to be equal to him, rather than just falling down and talking to him about wrestling all the time.”

“On the first day, I cracked. But he loved to talk about wrestling, which was what we were tied up with. He was surprised that this gorgeous English broke was very knowledgeable about it. I think it was.

“I saw it in the days of SmackDown, it was my jam.

“So when I was in the fighting scene with him, I was a kid again. It was amazing. I felt like a wrestler, and it was my dream for a while.

“I was probably too crazy about it. At one point I asked the director if I could give him a Stone Cold Stunner, but he said it wasn’t real at the time. Apparently. They didn’t have what was called the Stunners in 1913. “

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Whitehall was pleased to play his boyhood fantasy of being a terrible wrestler against rock in the fighting scene, but avoided other stunts after an early accident on the set.

“I was like,’Yes, I can do all the stunts.'” The first thing I did then was to fall, smash my knees, and walk around on the sticks for the next few days. “

Worst of all, the scene didn’t appear in the movie, so when a veteran action star stepped into one of Mission Impossible, he didn’t get the bragging rights of Tom Cruise.

However, his injury had some unexpected benefits.

“I was well-bred by Emily Blunt. She feeds me every day. I said I couldn’t eat it myself, but my leg was injured. I had an arm. I made full use of it. Maybe I was milking it a little.

“I have a great photo of Emily giving me a cereal bowl with an ice pack and raising her legs. I’ll publish the photo, but first I need Emily’s approval.

“I think she will. I want to see the sacrifices we have made. Jungle cruise On a big screen. “

Jungle Cruise will be streamed from Thursday to the cinema and Friday to Disney + Premier Access ($ 34.99)

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