Julia Morris addresses infamous 2015 Logies gaffe on Nova‘s Fitzy & Wippa

Julia Morris’s spectacular 2015 Logie Awards blunder was a topic of awards. Six years later she became open about how it didn’t work.

Comedian Julia Morris recalled her biggest live television blunder. She notoriously forgot to read the 2015 Logie Award nominees.

The· I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! Co-host appeared in Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa I just remembered how she tried to deliver a joke to members of the audience to deal with this morning’s epic failure and found that they weren’t there.

Distracted by the failed jokes, she jumped completely forgetting to read what was nominated for the best entertainment program. Straight to confuse the audience and announce the winner.

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“I was presenting on stage and was joking about getting someone to present, but I couldn’t come tonight and I was doing a close-up of that person. I told them. “Please let me know if those people aren’t in their seats because the joke doesn’t work,” they seem to say, “Yeah, whatever, you go to women,” Morris explained. Soon I realized they weren’t really sitting in the crowd.

“I just thought I knew this joke wasn’t working, I’m going to continue the award … and I forgot to read the candidate aloud.”

She laughed, remembering her mistakes as a clue, and said she was momentarily surprised at how rude it was that the audience didn’t praise the winner.

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“The room was very strange. voice Was this something like an anti-channel nine because you won? I don’t know, this is the bad attitude of this room, someone just won the prize you need to admire them!

“There was a Delta and a seal in front of me, and he said,’People are very dishonest,’ and said,’What! Who else thought they were more award-winning?”

“When that happened to me … those people worked for 12 months, got their nominations, they were waiting for a big moment, and they even read their name at night by this idiot did not!”

Three years ago, social media lit up and tapped her back on how she handled the slip-up.

“Let’s pretend that it didn’t happen, ladies and gentlemen … I wish I had glasses,” she cheerfully pretended to excite the audience before reading her name. ..

front Today’s show The next day, she joked that she was too busy flirting with international celebrity guest Ricky Martin.

“That is, (he) is daunting. I looked down and thought he was in my seat and” the mummy will be back soon “, but I time I realized that I was wasting. The winner is … “

She said she noticed a failure while Darren McMullen was giving his acceptance speech on his behalf. voice team.

Julia Morris addresses infamous 2015 Logies gaffe on Nova‘s Fitzy & Wippa Source link Julia Morris addresses infamous 2015 Logies gaffe on Nova‘s Fitzy & Wippa

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