Journalists like to ‘make things up’ about how ‘hard-hearted’ the PM is

Sky News host Paul Murray said the leftist media now prefers to “make things up” and pushes the story of “the prime minister’s heartfelt.” Murray said journalists are creating stories to push the idea of ​​”a conservative aspect of politics, the government of cancer.” ABC journalist Andrew Provin said on Sunday that Australia was witnessing a “slow change” by Prime Minister Scott Morrison “from those who do not understand at all to those who understand to some extent.” He said the prime minister was “struck by a gob” when he heard about the existence of a gender pay gap. “Two weeks ago you noticed that the Prime Minister actually started talking about the gender pay gap, but perhaps a day or so earlier, the Prime Minister didn’t understand what actually happened,” Provin said. He said. Mr Murray said the claim is not true at all, as the prime minister has spoken at least 21 times about the gender pay gap, and even the lowest ever in 2020. He said “yes” for economic management and “yes” for what people care about climate change. “They are playing games.”

Place of originJournalists like to ‘make things up’ about how ‘hard-hearted’ the PM is

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