Joey Atkins: Sydney mourns dimming of bright light

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The entertainment community is a bright, noisy, kind and beloved 27-year-old producer with family and friends of entertainer-turned producer David Atkins and his ex-wife dancer Sherida Costa’s son Joey Atkins. Mourning the loss / videographer and up-and-coming fantasy novelist who died earlier this month.

At Joey’s funeral on Tuesday, loved ones, including Joey’s well-known father, painted a cheeky young man with both talent and charm, but an amazing early success as a precocious child actor on television. After having fun, I had a hard time finding a way to grow up. Shows like Home and Away and All Saints.

media_cameraBrynn Davies (daughter of Iva Davies) posted a homage to Joey Atkins on Facebook.

Joey was the youngest of two sons. David Atkins lit up the stage at musical theater shows such as Dan Singhman and Hot Shoe Shuffle, and produced the acclaimed opening and closing ceremonies of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Former principal dancer of the Australian Ballet, wife Dacosta.

They also have a music producer, Tobias, the eldest son.

At his funeral, live-streamed on social media on Tuesday, close friends, including the family of INXS artist Andrew Farriss and the family of icehouse singer-songwriter Iva Davies, described Joey as “a kind and hysterical elementary school class. It’s funny that I remembered it as “Pierrot”.

“I have known and loved Joey Atkins throughout my life,” said Brin Davis, a journalist at NOVA Entertainment.

“Our mom has been friends since the 80’s, so we grew up side by side, lived around the corners of each other, attended the same school, and had a mischievous life along the way.

David Atkins and Sherry da Costa, sons Joey (left) and Tobias.
media_cameraDavid Atkins and Sherry da Costa, sons Joey (left) and Tobias.

“Joe and I were like yin and yang. I was goody two shoes, he was always in a naughty corner. As a class clown, he swore like a sailor in elementary school.

“When we were 6 or 7, I tried to teach him another word to use to avoid trouble. Of course, the only thing he can get from our unswearing lessons is that he It was that I had learned all the words of the oath in the sun, including what I probably invented.

“Joey was wise, old-fashioned, mean, vibrant, kind-hearted, hysterical and entertaining.

“Even when he was a toddler, he was whipping … (he) was kind, open-minded, sensitive, and empathetic. That was why his vulnerability made him so brave.”

In 2006, the fifth-generation entertainer Joey or Joseph, whose grandmother was a vaudeville performer, made an impressive acting debut in Benweir’s short film Deadline 8:45.

The following year, he shined in the 13-part fantasy children’s television series “Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji.” The role at All Saints continued that same year, along with a 2010 cameo at Home and Away and another cameo at the comedy TV series Me & My Monsters.

Atkins described his two-year-old son as a “Kamikaze” in a Sydney newspaper. He leaves his parents’home in Careel Bay, a suburb of northern Sydney, and jumps into the water if he leaves his parents’ door open.

First published when Sydney lamented the big, kind and bright dimming of light

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