JobSeeker hotline a golden opportunity for unscrupulous employers

The new hotline opens the door for dangerous and / or sneaky employers to force dangerous job seekers and completely inappropriate positions.

(Image: Mitchell Squire / Private Media)

The Morrison government has managed Australia’s unemployment allowance, which is already one of the lowest levels in the OECD and is getting worse.

The new hotline allows employers to reach out to job seekers who decline their roles. Social Services Minister Anne Ruston again discusses unemployment benefits, saying that both the hotline and new rates (up only $ 3.57 a day from pre-pandemic levels) will motivate people to find jobs. I used it.

Advocates have raised concerns that dangerous employers will harness the newly discovered powers of the unemployed to drive them into dangerous situations and inappropriate jobs.

Read about the latest resentment imposed on job seekers.

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Place of originJobSeeker hotline a golden opportunity for unscrupulous employers

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