JobKeeper program was ‘bloody beautiful’ despite its flaws, says economist

Deloitte Access Economics’ Chris Richardson has labeled the Federal JobKeeper program as a “bloody and beautiful” program that emphasizes Australia’s crisis management aptitude.

Reserve Bank of Australia figures show that wage subsidies have helped save at least 700,000 jobs nationwide.

Despite the flaw, Richardson said he welcomed the reintroduction of the program “on the heartbeat.”

“I said’bloody and beautiful’, but that was the case,” he told Sky News Australia.

“Now people are pointing out that JobKeeper was flawed, and absolutely, and if we have another crisis in the future, we can do it better in many ways. Will do.

“There are all sorts of lessons we can learn, which is fine, but I suspect that the ongoing campaign we’re listening to for JobKeeper is giving the public the wrong message. I’m worried.

“Australia is good at crisis management. We did it beautifully in the global financial crisis on one side of politics. No doubt it worked even better in this crisis on the other side of politics. ..

“It was thrown together in a few days and it did the job beautifully, it wasn’t perfect, but I’ll have it again with a heartbeat.”

Place of originJobKeeper program was ‘bloody beautiful’ despite its flaws, says economist

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