Jimmy Barnes’ wife Jane joins him to write new cookbook

Jane and Jimmy Barnes will begin their 40th wedding celebration with the launch of their next project together.

Jimmy Barnes has been enthusiastic about sharing the same bills as the Jane Barnes band for the past year.

Their home performance, which boasts over 100 million views, reveals that his wife is smashing it with her novice guitar, piano and bagpipe skills.

Australia’s first rock and light couple will count down to their 40th wedding anniversary on May 22nd and unveil their latest duet, the long-awaited family cookbook.

After years of captivating an enthusiastic online community with family feast posts, Jane’s recipe is threaded by Sous-chef Jimmy in “Where the River Turns: Recipes and Stories from Jane and Jimmy Burns’ Tables.” It becomes a central stage by spinning. HarperCollins in October.

“Jane is good at cooking. This is her job. And she loves it. I’m good at cooking, but I’m in a hurry,” Burns said.

“It’s funny that I and Jane are in the kitchen together because she’s calm and really enjoying it. I’m sweating around with food.

“I’m a good finisher. I’ll go in, clean up and serve it. And I’m the king of gravy.”

The cookbook goes from a special family meal, including Jane’s famous Thai chicken curry, worshiped by Master Chef Judge Jocson Frelo, to her “lovely” post-gig cheese toast. to change.

It was a birthday treat for her husband when he returned from the APRA Awards, which he played in commemoration of his music brother Michael Gudinski a few weeks ago.

“When I get home after work, only cheese toast comes to mind. Jane makes the best cheese toast. She makes it lovingly. It tastes better.” Burns says.

“The great thing about creating this cookbook is that the recipes raised our family and helped them grow and survive the good and the tough times.

“We didn’t go too tricky or what we thought we had to do. That’s the food we gave our family.”

Cookbooks are not the only new work of the Burns family.

Creatively restless and prolific Rocker also wrote his second children’s book, Rosie the Rhinoceros, in isolation during his months at a family home in the Southern Highlands, New South Wales. ..

It rushes like a rhino, but is the youngest daughter of Mahalia Barnes and her musician’s husband Ben Rogers, inspired by Rosie Rogers, who believes she is a unicorn. Rosie The Rhinoceros follows his first children’s book, Och Aye The G’nu, inspired by his grandson Dylan.

“When I talked to her, she laughed a little, and then when it was edited, I kept reading it to her at various times. She thought the cover was cute.” Says Burns.

“I can’t wait to sit with the finished book, so I can sit with her while she’s pinching the photo with her thumb. She’s sure to love it. She’s reading I love it.”

Just like her Da is all his grandchildren.

Burns acknowledges his wife’s achievements in igniting her passion for reading on her first date.

On one of their early dates, the pair was exchanging their “favorites” just like you, and Jane nominated Shakespeare.

Burns left school as soon as possible to join the Rock’n’Roll Circus at the age of 16. No, he had never read Shakespeare.

“So she brought me Shakespeare for Children and introduced me to his work. They were a very nice story. And I read” real “Shakespeare.” Says Burns.

“It was her way of introducing me to one of her favorite writers, and it just surprised my heart when I read Shakespeare. Six songs in a week since I started reading his work. I remember writing. I’m going around now and now I’m reading a Shakespeare book for kids.

“Jane was always dropping classic books in front of me and I suggested reading them, and I would just absorb them. And she’s the same in food, culture and travel. I did that. ”

Jimmy, Jane, and their clan will also gather a family band on a national tour in July to celebrate the release of the Fleshand Blood album featuring rockers collaborating with some of his kids and grandchildren.

Rosie The Rhinoceros will be released by HarperCollins on September 29th. How to pre-order https://bit.ly/3hoASSR

To pre-order Where The River Bends prior to the October 29th release, please visit https://bit.ly/3blUcMN.

Jane Burns Cheese Toast

Cheese toast is a rare treat these days, as Jimmy has a grain-free diet!


4 thick slices of white or whole grain bread

4 slices of delicious cheese

4 slices of Comte cheese

Hot English mustard scrape

Cracked pepper


Turn on the grill.

Butter a slice of bread. Rub a thin layer of hot English mustard into two slices and place one delicious cheese slice and one competition slice on top. Break the black pepper.

Grill the open sandwich under the grill to melt the cheese for 1-2 minutes and remove it from the oven.

Cover the grilled cheese portion with another slice of buttered bread and butter on top.

Warm the pan, melt the butter knobs to bake, spread around the base and put one buttered sandwich in the pan. Reduce from medium to low heat. Press the sandwich with the Egglifter and the bottom will be nice golden and almost dark brown.

Turn the sandwich over – hear the sizzling heat and press it again with the Egglifter. Turn the bottom part brown, remove it from the pan to your liking, chop it and heat it.

Unless you have a large hot plate, it’s best to pan-fry one at a time. pleasant.

Jimmy Barnes’ wife Jane joins him to write new cookbook Source link Jimmy Barnes’ wife Jane joins him to write new cookbook

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