Jim Bellos: LNP candidate cop inherited home from man at centre of complaint

A police sergeant running as an LNP candidate for Stletton’s seat inherited the home of an elderly bachelor he became a friend of after responding to complaints that a man may be mistreating his child ..

Sergeant Jim Velos inherited 70% of the three-bedroom homes in Sunnybank Hills in 2003 after responding to complaints about men and then deepening friendships.

The acceptance of his home (about $ 150,000 at the time) was investigated by the Crime and Illegal Commission at the time, and Sgt Bellos removed the fraud.

The house was owned by a 78-year-old man, Frank “Bill” William Williams. Family members and neighbors say they were “used” by a group of local teens who used their home as a meeting place while skipping school.

They say that when street dwellers expressed concern to the police, Sergeant Velos investigated it and began to help Williams.

“It was a matter of weeks, perhaps months,” a neighbor told The Courier-Mail, but the family described the relationship as “not long.”

media_cameraStretton Jim Bellos LNP candidate.Photo: Richard Walker

It is understood that Williams changed his mind in the last few weeks of his life, leaving most of his fortune to Sgt Bellos.

Williams died in April 2003, and a death notice containing the words “a good friend of Jim Velos” was posted on The Courier-Mail.

According to property records, Sgt Bellos acquired a female relative for a total of $ 35,000 in September 2003.

Courier-mail consulted a lawyer about his will, but spoke with a family of two who did not pass the courtroom. It is understood that other relatives were satisfied with the conditions of Mr Williams’ will.

Sgt Bellos refurbished the house, rented it for several years and sold it for $ 460,000 four years ago.

Neighbors who don’t want to be named said police officers began seeing Sgt Bellos at Williams’ Sunnybank Hills home in 2003 when they “dried away” teenagers for the old man.

“He was always there,” said the neighbor.

“I think he was watching him … if something went wrong, he intervened and tidied it up.

“He was like a kind of caregiver if you wanted.”

The house inherited by Jim Velos.Photo: Liam Kidston
media_cameraThe house inherited by Jim Velos.Photo: Liam Kidston

Neighbors said Williams was “thankful” for the help of police officers.

“(Sgt) Velos didn’t do anything. In my opinion, he couldn’t handle anything to access the house,” he said.

On a completely different note, Sgt Bellos is currently being investigated by Queensland Police in connection with allegations of internal bullying. He denied the claim.

A QPS spokesperson confirmed: “Police officers are still under investigation by the ongoing Ethics Standards Command.”

A spokeswoman said a 2003 investigation into inheritance found no fraud.

“The 2003 issues related to the members in question were investigated by the Crime and Illegal Acts Commission at the time, and police officers removed the misconduct,” they said.

Sergeant Jim Velos.Photo: AAP image / Jonosar
media_cameraSergeant Jim Velos.Photo: AAP image / Jonosar

Sgt Bellos did not answer the phone and answered the written question via LNP.

“I strictly reject the premise of your question and reserve all legal rights,” he said in a written response.

“I’ve been attracting people for over 30 years, but political witch hunting doesn’t stop me from serving the community.

“This issue has been thoroughly investigated by Ethics Standards Command and I have ruled out any misconduct.

“Since then, I have been awarded the Premier Award, Queenslander of the Year, Australian Police Medal, and Order of Australia for my service to the community.”

The Stretton by-elections will be held on Saturday.

Originally released LNP candidate policeman inherited house from man at the center of complaints

Place of originJim Bellos: LNP candidate cop inherited home from man at centre of complaint

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