Jennifer Aniston says ‘there’s no oddness’ with ex-husband Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston has opened up her relationship with Brad Pitt. They say there is no “strangeness” even though they were once married.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt divorced months ago – and now they couldn’t be in a better place, says Friends Star.

The actress said she read at a live table the blast starring with Pitt, who she considers to be a friend. First time at Ridgemont High Last September.

“It was absolutely fun,” Aniston told Howard Stern in an interview this week. Man). “Blood and I are friends. We are friends.”

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A Hollywood heavy hitter who got married between 2000 and 2005 played a romantic interest while reading through a table. Aniston painted Linda (originally played by Phoebe Cates in a cult classic movie) and Pitt read for Brad (originally played by Judge Reinhold).

“And we talk, and there’s nothing strange at all, except for everyone who saw it and probably wanted or assumed it to be there,” Aniston said. “We had fun, and that was for a big reason, [Sean Penn’s non-profit] core. “

Aniston and Pitt are now on good terms, but their division was caught up in the drama in rumors that Pitt had embarked on a relationship with him. Mr. and Mrs. Smith Co-star Angelina Jolie, he finally got married (still split since 2016).

Currently, every time Aniston (52 years old) and Pitt (57 years old) meet again, fans don’t get enough. For example, when they were filmed hugging each other at the 2020 SAG Awards hangout. Once upon a time … in Hollywood The star also attended Aniston’s 50th birthday party in 2019 and her holiday party later that year.

During their marriage, Oscar-winning Pitt is famous for his guest appearance with Aniston in the 2001 episode. friend..

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Jennifer Aniston says ‘there’s no oddness’ with ex-husband Brad Pitt Source link Jennifer Aniston says ‘there’s no oddness’ with ex-husband Brad Pitt

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