JBS hacking: Top cybersecurity official warns of more ransomware attacks

Top US cybersecurity officials have warned that ransomware attacks could increase further as the United States is upset by a series of recent hits.

Top U.S. cybersecurity officials warn that more ransomware attacks could come as the country is upset by recent series of blows to U.S. interests, such as meat supplies and fuel. Yes.

“Ransomware continues to grow, especially in the areas of states, local governments and key instructors,” said Chris Butera, Head of Threat Hunting at Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

“Ransomware attackers are getting more brazen. They’re trying to steal data and force payments,” he said at today’s virtual summit.

“We will continue to see such things happen.”

Butera explained that cybersecurity is a “top priority” for the Biden administration. A devastating ransomware attack on the world’s largest meat producer, It is causing the closure of facilities around the world.

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Thousands of Australian workers employed by Major company JBS As a result, it was shut down indefinitely, disrupting the local beef industry, and prolonged closures threatened global meat shortages and significant price increases.

In a statement, Ajay Unni, a member of the NSW Government’s 2020 Cyber ​​Security Task Force and founder of Stickman Cyber, said the incident “could have long-term implications.” ..

“Attackers may have installed malicious software on various parts of the network, the so-called Advanced Persistent Threat, so we need to see what happens,” he said.

“If JBS Food does not have a long-term management system in place to help identify infringements in forensic investigations, it will not be able to find the true cause and will clean up and restore the system to perfection. This will cost a lot of money.

“Such an attack is similar to a denial of service attack in which the victim is unable to provide services or access systems or networks.”

“We need to make sure that our entire country and our entire enterprise have the basic defense mechanisms and capabilities to detect, monitor, detect and respond to cyberattacks,” said Unni. It was.

“In the physical world, defense is the key to keeping attackers from taking action. Cybercriminals are looking for investment rewards, not to prove points, and of our protection. The best form is to invest in defense, continuous monitoring, detection and response, and recovery functions, “he added.

He also warned that “the world’s meat industry, the federal government and Australia’s largest media company could be hit by ransomware.”

“Hackers are constantly refining their techniques and refining their approach. Installing firewalls and antivirus software is not enough,” says Unni.

“We need to identify and eradicate weaknesses before an attack occurs. It is important to invest in a response with continuous monitoring, detection and recovery capabilities, and good governance, testing, training and policies. And procedures, and awareness all form part of good cybersecurity practices. ”

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The White House is also Attack on the East Coast Colonial Pipeline – Last month struck the largest fuel pipeline in the United States – to a criminal organization in Russia.

President Joe Biden Officials today announced at the Geneva Summit on June 16 that they would work with Russian President Vladimir Putin to deal with the attack, but Biden has not yet officially partnered with the Kremlin.

“It’s time for the United States to worry about Spike when it comes to confronting and dismantling the ransomware group,” said Kron Kitchen, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Fox news..

“If President Biden does not confront Vladimir Putin about a ransomware group running from within Russia, he will not be able to fulfill his duty to protect the United States from this type of attack.”

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