Jack de Belin sex assault trial: NRL star’s phone calls played in court

NRL star Jack de Belin feels “sick” when he learns that a young woman has accused him of rape on a phone intercepted by police, and the situation is “quite sick.” The court heard.

St. George Irawara Dragons Forward and his accomplice Karan Sinclair are accused of sexually assaulting a woman after a trio met at Wollongong’s popular Mr. Crown Bar during a Christmas pub crawl in 2018. It is being tried in the district court.

Their trial alleged that she was crying feeling “dead inside” when a man exchanged positions that forced her to have vaginal, oral, and anal sex in a North Wollongong unit. heard.

media_cameraJacques de Verin claims to have sexually assaulted a young woman after spending the night in Wollongong in late 2018. Photo: NCA News Wire / Adam Yip

De Verin, 30, and Sinclair, 23, have been acquitted of five charges of sexual assault and will not be able to maintain a female encounter early on December 9, 2018. An agreement has been reached.

On Tuesday, the jury was called a series of calls made by Mr. Deverin and Mr. Sinclair the day after the incident.

Among them, they have expressed distrust in knowing that the woman went to the police.

They also say “tell the truth.”

A soccer player was advised by a lawyer not to issue a police statement on a phone call intercepted between Mr. Deverin and his cousin Jake Lewis (allegedly having a sexual assault at home) on December 12. Said that. trial.

“It’s a pretty crazy guy, the whole situation,” Deverin said.

“We don’t really know what she claims … she claimed rape, sexual assault, or whatever she said.

“They have to get the DNA that says I was there, but I’m not denying it. They say we had sex agreed with her.”

Mr Lewis said the woman would have been captured by CCTV, who deliberately jumped over the fence and entered his house.

“How do you think she has a proceeding?” He asked by phone.

De Verin replied:

“When the truth is revealed … we are not lying, we are telling the truth.”

Karan Sinclair told her mother that she couldn't believe the woman's claim. Photo: NCA News Wire / Adam Yip
media_cameraKaran Sinclair told her mother that she couldn’t believe the woman’s claim. Photo: NCA News Wire / Adam Yip

Deverin said the worst part was having to talk to his then-pregnant partner about the woman’s allegations.

“I had to go home from work to her and tell her that I had tricked her and made a false allegation of sexual assault … seeing her heart break , It was very sick. “

De Verin was later recorded on the phone with his sister Erica talking about her parents.

“They are obviously quite angry and angry with you,” she says.

“I understand,” her brother replies.

De Verin went on to say police were trying to file a proceeding against him and told his sister, “This shit happened just shit.”

“It was consensual sex,” he said. “She never said,’No, stop’ at some point. The only time at the end of it she became a little weird and said, “You have a girlfriend.”

“She was changing positions, and there was another companion there with me.”

He said the incident was a call for awakening. And maybe go see someone. “

The court heard that Jacques de Verin wanted to talk to the police, but was advised not to do so. Photo: NCA NewsWire / Joel Carrett
media_cameraThe court heard that Jacques de Verin wanted to talk to the police, but was advised not to do so. Photo: NCA NewsWire / Joel Carrett

The next day, on December 13, 2018, police intercepted a call between Mr. Deverin and Mr. Sinclair. The NRL star said he would go to the police station with a lawyer.

“I would rather tell the truth, right?” Says Sinclair.

Mr Deverin agreed, but said his lawyer had informed him not to make a formal statement.

“The best scenario is to realize that she’s lying and she doesn’t have many incidents,” he says.

“If they asked you for a statement, tell the truth … you know we didn’t sexually assault her.”

Sinclair replied, “OK, don’t worry.”

After learning that Deverin had been charged, stressed Sinclair called his mother, telling him that he was involved but had not yet been contacted by police.

“Saturday night … Have you seen the news? I and Jack ended up returning to this unit with this girl … and like anything else, I had sex with her, but she went out He came and said that Jack had raped her, “he said.

“That’s not 100% true.”

He said the woman was “hanging around us like a stench all night,” and said she was “unbelievable.”

“They obviously have her side of a totally bullshit story … we have nothing to hide, we’re not doing anything wrong,” Sinclair said. ..

“I wasn’t worried about being charged because it’s not true. I don’t know if I was charged.”

Karan Sinclair called her mother to break the news. Photo: NCA News Wire / Adam Yip
media_cameraKaran Sinclair called her mother to break the news. Photo: NCA News Wire / Adam Yip

Sinclair told her mother that the woman was jokingly “peeing” from Deverin as fans lined up outside the Fever Night Club to take pictures.

“There was no verbal or physical resistance … I can’t believe it,” he said.

“If you were just raped by someone, wouldn’t you come back with them?”

Previously, senior Constable Adams, who led the investigation until early 2020, told the court in a previous hearing about what Deverin had read on a Nokia phone seized in late 2019. I was forced to do that.

I heard that the court trolled a file labeled “Craig Lawyer” on December 22, 2019, and later instructed a colleague to take a picture and record the details of the message in that file. It was.

At a hearing in February 2020, he told the court that the message he accessed “looked like detailing the Dragons’ business.”

Prior to this week’s jury, he admitted that he told a colleague to follow up on the information he found because it was a lie and “may produce good information” about potential witnesses. I had no choice but to do it.

“Did you know well when it was a forbidden fruit? Did you mean it was a material you weren’t eligible to access?” Asked David Campbell SC, Barrister of Mr. Deverin. ..

The policeman replied “yes”.

The trial will continue.

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