Ivanka Trump: Pictures reveal former First Daughter’s relaxing Miami life

A new photo of former First Daughter Ivanka Trump gives a glimpse into her unfriendly post-White House lifestyle.

Ivanka Trump seems to have settled on a new, more laid-back lifestyle in Miami following her dramatic White House exit.

former First daughter He advised the White House with his husband Jared Kushner during his father’s presidential era, President Donald Trump – who moved his young family to South Florida after his 74-year-old election defeat.

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The couple and their three children are currently renting a luxurious mansion on the Arte Surfside. Just an hour from Donald Trump’s Marago Resort, we’re waiting for a new $ 32 million ($ 41 million) property on Indian Creek Island. Ready to move to Miami Herald Report.

The complex costs an average of about $ 47,000 per month, and the couple are believed to have signed a one-year lease.

The property’s website describes the surfside as “a seaside excelave famous for its historic buildings and large, quiet beaches.”

“All residences enjoy spectacular sea views from private terraces celebrating a warm Mediterranean-style outdoor life and first-class services and amenities comparable to the world’s most luxurious beachfront resorts.”

Recently, her 39-year-old family has been photographed at a new, relaxed pace. Mr. Trump I reclined to her balcony, read a book, and scrolled my cell phone in a casual red and black striped dress.

She was also found picking up children from school, picking up smoothies from the store, wearing white tennis, and enjoying a trip to the local crocodile park.

It’s a dramatic change from her busy days at the White House, and the couple regularly attends global events that draw attention with world leaders.

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A glimpse into the couple’s lifestyle as rumors swirl. Mr. Trump Is seriously planning to enter politics, and many speculate that it is considering challenging Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio in 2022. Candidate for president As early as 2024.

Last week, a report by Axios emphasized that theory, with Ms. Trump. “Reappearance plan” Focusing on Criminal Justice Reform-Causes already endorsed by a series of celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Jay-Z, and Kevin Hart.

It’s the days when the Trump administration is dying, Mr. Trump Helped to secure more than 140 amnesty and commutation for those who were victims of fraud in the system and many of her family members.

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According to Axios, she has worked with many non-governmental organizations, including Americans for Prosperity and # cut50, which aims to reduce the American prison population, and on behalf of many individuals, long-term nonviolent drug crimes. He has defended many people who have reached prison. ..

Earlier this month, Washington’s ethics watchdog, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, said a prominent couple earned a total of $ 23,791,645 (A $ 30 million) to $ 120,676,949 (A $ 155 million) in external revenue. Announced that it was announced. Final financial disclosure report..

Cash was made by January 20, 2021 when Donald Trump left the office during 2020.

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“According to her final financial disclosure report, Ivanka Trump did not earn money from the business she ran before joining the government in her last year at the White House,” the organization claimed. ..

“In each of her previous disclosures, including those targeted for 2019, she reported revenue from the business, even though she reported that she had shut down the business in July 2018.”

But don’t think about “Javanka”. Despite having a stunning amount of money in his pocket, it’s significantly reduced from the previous reporting period of $ 36,151,214 to $ 157,020,085.

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