It’s been a ‘very rough 18 months’ for our Constitution: McGregor

Sky News host Katherine MacGregor states that it is “a very strict 18 months for our constitution.”

“We now know that we are not an insoluble federation separated by state boundaries. Contrary to the express guarantees contained in Sections 92 and 117 of our Basic Law, the Prime Minister It tends to be closed on a whim, “McGregor said.

“Now we’re not claiming to have rip COVID indefinitely … but if I was worried about the government in a zoom chat between leaders last year, I’m now positively stunned by it. increase.

“A great many basic assumptions about the rule of law and the functioning of parliamentary bodies have been wiped out since March 2020.

“Of particular concern to me is wearing Australian Defense Force uniforms on the streets of our city, which is acting as a last resort police force, even though it is not armed, but very visible. Existence.

“This is wrong in principle, and for practical reasons too.

“Australians have the right to be concerned about the deployment of our troops to them.

“They have no police or arrest rights beyond civilians, but their uniforms are flaunted to coerce and intimidate Australian citizens.”

Place of originIt’s been a ‘very rough 18 months’ for our Constitution: McGregor

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