Israel Refuses To Work With ICC On War Crimes Probe, Says ‘No Authority’

Israel said Thursday that it had officially decided not to cooperate with the International Criminal Court’s war crimes investigation into the situation of the occupied Palestinian territory.

The ICC’s chief prosecutor announced on March 3 that he had infuriated Israel, who was not a member of the Hague-based court, and began a full investigation into the situation in the Israeli occupied territories.

The ICC will send a postponement notice on March 9 to notify Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) of a month to notify judges whether they are investigating crimes similar to those being investigated by the ICC. Gave it.

If Israel had informed the court that it was actually conducting its own investigation into the alleged perpetrators of war crimes, it could have asked for a postponement.

Prior to the deadline, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office issued a statement that the government had agreed not to “cooperate” with the ICC.

It said Israel would instead send a letter to the court stating, “Israel completely rejects allegations of committing war crimes.”

The letter would also “repeat Israel’s explicit position that the Hague referee does not have the authority to initiate an investigation into it.”

“Israel is committed to the rule of law … and hopes that the court will refrain from violating its sovereignty and authority,” the statement said.

Based on the occupied West Coast, PA has been a party to the ICC since 2015.

Muhammad Abu Jazar, 34, shows his daughter, Maisam, 12, a picture of the children killed in the 2014 Gaza War.

Palestinians welcomed the investigation and said they would not ask for a postponement.

The only permanent war crimes court in the world, the ICC was founded in 2002 to attempt the worst crimes of mankind that district courts do not want or cannot intervene.

ICC prosecutor Fatubensuda said her investigation would cover the situation since 2014 in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem, where Israel was annexed.

We will focus primarily on the 2014 Gaza War, but also on the deaths of Palestinian demonstrators since 2018.

After five years of preliminary investigation, Ben Suda said there was “reasonable grounds” for believing that the crime was committed by both sides. The Israeli army is an armed group of Palestinian Hamas Islamists who have ruled Gaza since 2007.

Hamas welcomed the ICC’s investigation, arguing that the attack on Israel was a legitimate act of “resistance.”

Netanyahu, a voice critic of the ICC, accused the “hypocrisy” court of targeting Israeli forces “fighting high moral behavior against terrorists” on Thursday.

The long-time prime minister has previously condemned the decision to open an investigation as “the essence of anti-Semitism” and declared Israel “under attack.”

The statement on Thursday was the first time Netanyahu revealed that Israel was not directly involved in the ICC.

The United States also criticized the ICC’s investigation and expressed support for its ally Israel.

The ICC welcomed the lifting of sanctions imposed by Donald Trump on Bensuda last week and said it signaled a new era of cooperation with Washington.

The Trump administration imposed economic sanctions and a visa ban on Ben Suda after launching an investigation into war crimes by U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan last year.

Israel Refuses To Work With ICC On War Crimes Probe, Says ‘No Authority’ Source link Israel Refuses To Work With ICC On War Crimes Probe, Says ‘No Authority’

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