Investor Roseanne Burkhart sells for $16m in Darling Point and buys in Paddington for $9.2m

Paddington’s 150 Windsor Street was sold to real estate investor Roseanne Barrart for $ 9.2 million.

Real estate investor Roseanne Barrart, who recently sold her Darling Point home for $ 16 million a week after it hit the market, got a super-stylish Paddington home for $ 9.2 million.

Burkart bought a free-standing 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home in the Cochineas family. 150 Windsor Street, According to sources.


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Gavin Rubinstein, principal of the Ray White Rubinstein Group (TRG), had a $ 8 million guide with his colleague Andrew Thomas, but was silent when contacted.

However, it turns out that two buyers were fighting over a Cameron Kimber interior home designed by Daniel Bodum before the upcoming auction.

The fold faces the heated pool in the backyard.

Open plan living area.

Inner West Auction

Roseanne Barrcat was auctioned at 58 Derwent Lane in Greaves in 2017. Photo: Tim Hunter.

The formal living room has a polished marble floor of the Italian emperor and an open-plan living area facing the heated pool.

Wentworth Courier reports that in 2017 he bought a unique former stable house with two bedrooms in Greaves for $ 1.61 million, recalling the goodness of Barkart’s fortune. She sold it for $ 1.93 million in February.

Meanwhile, Rubinstein was also a buyer fighting for a five-bedroom home with a pool in a 588-square-meter block. 8 Suttie Road, Bellevue Hill..

The 588 sqm block house has a pool.

When first listed, the guide was $ 6.5 million ahead of the planned July 5th auction.

But after a flood of offers in the first week, he raised the guide from $ 7.5 million to $ 7.9 million.

Then yesterday, the buyer offered $ 8.3 million. Rubinstein decided to solve this problem and held a private auction at the Raywhite TRG office.

Presided over by Damian Cooley, four bidders lined up and all participated. The young family, the same purchaser, eventually paid $ 8.9 million. That’s $ 600,000 more than the original offer.

Bids started at $ 8.3 million (reserve) and rose in increments of $ 100,000, $ 50,000 and $ 25,000.

Records show that the property is owned by Elvira Naiman, Managing Director of Naiman Clark Regal Talent Management, and her businessman’s husband, Jonosan Naiman.

They bought it in 2007 for $ 3.82 million.

Place of originInvestor Roseanne Burkhart sells for $16m in Darling Point and buys in Paddington for $9.2m

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